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2/2/13 8:36 P


I'd be happy to friend you and do daily check ins with one another if you like.

I agree with you about the life coach...I'll be my own darn life couch, but a couple good pals walking the same path would be super good to have around. Let me know.

A little about me: Middle aged, returned to school later in life and am in a doctoral program, and am loving it. In supervision now I need to record sessions, watched the 1st one the other day...and oh my. The session was great, but I - well I don't feel good about how I look. I could get more detailed about the rampage I had, but I'll wait to see if you want to here it. emoticon

I joined weight watchers a couple of days ago and so far like the 360 program they have, but I know I like sparkpeople and the interactions here so I came back to SP.

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2/1/13 10:41 A

I'm sorry, but no, I do not need a life-coach. I have already been making the changes to my diet, which isn't that hard since I've made it a gradual process over the last few months. With two jobs and four kids, I don't need someone who is going to try to micromanage my life. All I need right now is reminders, nagging even, to get off my butt and do my walking each and every day. Once that becomes habit and is no longer a strain (physically and mentally), I am going to add in some stairs since those are easy to access here in the warehouse where I work. I know what I need to do, I have started to do it, but I know I can't do it alone.
Yes, I know I said that this is my "umpteenth" time to do this, but the difference is now that I have support from friends and my church community that will help. In addition to posting here, I posted on my FB wall about my intents, and the support from others just came flowing in. In the past, I have had no real support, and now I do. I have one friend that has started texting me every time that she gets up to walk, and she doesn't leave me alone until I respond back and she knows that I am up and moving. I have a couple of other friends who are pushing and supporting me. I have made it very public that I know I have to do this, and that gives me accountability that I didn't previously have.

In other words, I know what I need to do; I just need people that are willing to support me while I am trying to do it!

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2/1/13 10:00 A

Dear Sanunley,

You need more than support, you need an actual life-coach. You need someone to help you plan your meals, snacks, exercise schedule and to help you make better choices for yourself. You need someone who will help you make LIFESTYLE changes to every facet of your health. Someone who will help you create a step-by-step plan to achieve success by over-hauling your menu choices and your exercise routine, then follow-up with you every day.

If you can't find someone locally to help you with this, I am glad to assist you any way I can.

Let me know.

Jonny Mac

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1/31/13 2:07 P

Well, the food thing isn't as much of a problem for me as getting off my butt and walking. I did make my lunchtime walk today - about 10 minutes :)

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1/31/13 1:37 P

I feel your pain...every morning when I step on the scale...even though I know I should not weigh every least when it starts going up...I know I need to try harder to control the mindless eating...we can do this...just baby steps ...better than nothing at all...right??

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1/30/13 10:35 P

Never give up, keep trying

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1/30/13 12:38 P

Okay, I'm determined to lose this weight and make myself healthy, but I just have so much trouble staying on track and staying motivated. I need true support, someone that will call me out on my goof-ups and remind me to get off my butt. I've got about 100 pounds to lose, and a whole hell of a lot to gain, but I can't do it alone!

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