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You're lucky to not have the allergy issues. If I eat any of the stuff I'm allergic to, my throat/tongue swell really bad, I get blisters in my throat, sometimes have trouble breathing, muscles in my neck/throat area tense up. It's really miserable.

We have been experimenting with new recipes. But, sometimes it's nice to be given a few "tried & true" recipes... that's what I'm hoping for anyway :) The gluten-free/egg-free thing can be a little annoying at times, because that stuff is in everything.

I added you - feel free to add me too :)

I just gave up all the "bad" foods. All of the goodies that I love (cake, cupcakes, cookies) are on my "no-no" list due to food allergies (eggs, wheat gluten), so there's no sense in trying to eat them in moderation, because they would make me feel awful anyway. You are lucky you are still able to enjoy small portions of the foods you love!

I did find, however, Hershey's makes sugar-free mini chocolate bars - so, I keep a bag on-hand for those moments that I am absolutely "dying" for a sweet. They give me the "fix" I crave, and there is no sugar, very little calories, etc.

I wish you luck on your journey too :)

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I don't thankfully have the allergy issues & I'm sure that it's more than a challenge finding recipes. However, N cooking ALL GREAT dishes come from experimenting. So that's what I'd work more about doing... combining foods that U truly love N ways that U know you'll B happy consuming. I'm just taking 1 step @ a time & thinking positive. I've not "fully illuminated" my junk~unhealthy food listing that I've loved 4 so long.... what I have done is ensure that its N MODERATION & BITES here & there. 4 me I'm a sweet junkie... always have been... so I've stopped trying 2 "avoid" it & accept I just need 2 B more responsible about it! I'm staying focused on my ultimate goal of LIFE CHANGING & HEALTHIER. I wish U the best of luck on your journey & your welcome 2 add me as a friend. I wish I had more help N terms of helping U w/ your specific diet needs.

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1/8/13 9:27 P

So I joined SP a few years ago, because I was tired of the way my health was. I had started eating smaller portions of food... but, wasn't eating the right foods... I was still eating a lot of unhealthy stuff. I started exercising, and it did help a little. I lost around 20 lbs. But, things came up in life, and I gave up on everything. Over a couple of years, I had gained a lot more weight, and was even more unhappy with my health, and myself.

About a year ago, I was having odd symptoms, and found out (through blood testing) that I had several food allergies. My main food allergies are: eggs (the worst one), gluten, citrus, almonds, kidney beans.

Fast forward to early December 2012. Had a visit with my doctor. Had blood tests done to check blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. Found out my blood sugar was a little elevated (107... doctor said it should have been no higher than 99). Total cholesterol was 193, which was within "normal" ranges (was told it needed to be under 200). However, my bad cholesterol was just a little over the normal range, and my good cholesterol was way under where it should have been.

After talking to my doctor (who is wonderful, by the way!), and crying to my doctor, I made the ultimate decision that I was DONE being unhealthy. I was DONE being fat. I was done treating my body horribly.

So, on December 18th, I drastically changed my life. I decided to completely cut out ALL of the foods I was allergic to. Going gluten-free has been such a challenge for me. Finding foods that do not contain gluten and/or eggs is often impossible. I have given up bread, because all of the pre-made gluten-free breads contain eggs.

I started eating a TON more vegetables. Lots of salad. Lean protein from chicken and turkey. And small amounts of brown rice or quinoa. Etc.

Plus, I started actually using the treadmill that I had purchased months before & never touched. At first, I was doing 30 minutes per night. But I am now doing 60 minutes per night at a brisk walking pace.

I also started playing "Just Dance" on my Xbox Kinect.

It's been less than a month, and I have already lost 14 lbs.

I'm not going to lie, the cravings for fast food were intense the first week. It was about what I would imagine it would be like to come off of drugs. It was pretty miserable. And I was pretty grouchy. But, my taste buds have been changing over the last 3 weeks, and I am now starting to enjoy the healthier foods.

I have also ordered a Vitamix 7500 blender and a Breville compact juicer so that I can start making healthy smoothies and juices.

I am seeking SP friends who may have knowledge with "green" smoothies or juicing, or eating a diet that revolves around food allergies... especially gluten-free... I need recipes, or websites with good recipes. I have been trying to be creative, but I know eventually I will start to get bored with the foods... and that's where I worry I may slip up and eat foods that I shouldn't.

I don't have a lot of great support in my personal life. Don't have a lot of close friends. So... it's hard to fight a battle on your own! I would love to have support from online friends, especially SP members who are fighting the same battle as me. And, I'd love to help support you through your battle as well.

If anyone has any suggestions or recipes for me, I'd love to hear them!

And, if anyone would like to know more about me... feel free to ask. emoticon

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