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RUBYREDSTAR19 Posts: 7,293
7/24/13 7:09 A

Just have fun with it. If can't get through all of a set, take a break. Get back into it. It can be your goal for the next time you go back. Remember, even the instructor had their first time. Ask them advice, look to them for help. A good instructor will ease you through the workout, yes even in class they should without embarrassing you. They are there to keep you healthy, not injured

7/24/13 4:19 A

Just take the plunge and go for it.

By the end of the classes, it won't matter whether or not you are faster or slower than anyone else, whether you are more- or less-coordinated or whatever else you may fear. It will only matter that you did it. You will feel SO good, not just physically, but also emotionally,, because you can authentically be proud of yourself for doing this.

Have a GREAT time!!!

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BUBBLEJ1 Posts: 2,981
7/21/13 12:23 A

Everyone has their first class and has no idea what to do. No one will look at you or judge you. Tell the trainer that you're new. Everyone should be helpful, at least they are in my classes. Keep going back and you'll know what you're doing in a few weeks. Good luck!

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7/20/13 3:59 P


Don't worry ! Remember, at some point, every single person in that class was just like you. They had no idea what to expect. Maybe they felt a little awkward. If you have a good instructor, they'll make sure you don't feel uncomfortable. One thing to do is that before class, make sure you tell the instructor you are new. They'll tell you where to make modifications for certain moves when you need them in classes like step, kick boxing or group weight training.

As far as Zumba, just have fun ! Most of the moves are pretty simple. However, if you do find some of the choreography challenging, just do a simple move instead. No one says you have to do everything exactly the way the instructor does. Some of those people in class may have been taking it for several months. So, they already know the moves.

And don't feel obligated to like a particular instructor. some are better than others. and definitely bring a water bottle with you. stay hydrated. don't wait to drink water, drink during class so that you don't feel like passing out.

Mostly, have fun !!

CORTNEY-LEE SparkPoints: (67,852)
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7/20/13 1:00 P

Something I have learned about classes at the gym... as long as your are confident in the class, it doesn't really matter if you are "in sync" with everyone else. The key is to keep moving, and above all HAVE FUN!!! No one will notice that you are going left when they are going right.

Go to the class and have fun!!

ITSABSURD SparkPoints: (18,393)
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7/20/13 10:01 A

You'll be great! Don't let fear stop you!

Whenever I visit home, I go to my mom's Zumba class, and I'm so out of place. Many other people go multiple times a week, and they know all the dance moves. But at the end of the day, those classes are about you and your workout, and nobody is going to judge you. There will be other beginners like you. There will be people better than you, there will be people worse than you. But none of that matters.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (202,233)
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7/20/13 9:37 A

everyone was new to the gym and to classes at one point. Be sure to talk to the instructor before class and let he/she know that you're new.

FROGGIRL80 Posts: 30
7/20/13 8:24 A

Hi guys! Hope everything is enjoying their day. I love my gym and they have some great classes, especially, aqua fit (my fave!). However, I want to try some new ones, such as Zumba and KIckboxing. I'm a little worried though because I'm new to the class & I'm afraid that I will look completely stupid. Any advice on how to be brave and try? And how to go back? THanks!!!!! God bless!

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