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10/23/12 2:33 P

I keep all my herbs in our florida room (it's a front porch that's screened in, with a roof) so I'm not sure what to advise you on this.
But, there are a few gardening groups here you may want to check out. I belong to an organic one and have learned tons from them. Best of luck with your herbs this winter!

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10/23/12 12:36 P

Parsley is supposed to come back but I've never had it do that. They say it's a biennial, so it should last 2 years before going to seed. If you get lucky it will reseed itself and you won't have to replant :) So, I'd say leave it alone and see what it does. Basil is an annual so you'd need to replant it every year anyway.

Rosemary should grow back, it's a pretty hardy plant, although I've never grown it in a colder climate like yours, I had it in California where the winter was milder than yours, with minimal frost and no snow. I live in Colorado now and due to the abnormally hot summer, everything I had died except my rosemary, while I was on vacation for a few days and it got to 100+ degrees while I was gone. I plan on bringing in my Rosemary (it's in a large pot) for winter, but winters here are worse than yours.

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10/23/12 9:08 A

This is my 3rd tme posting this ( other two times were in wrong forums ). So I am hoping I am the right place this time and that somebody can help me out.

Would like to know what to do with my parsley, It's only small and in a border. Should I leave it alone and would it be ok in the winter?

Our weather in Ireland is not like the US it tends to be mild. We normally get frost or wet snow. I also planted some basil out in the border and it's ruined by recent heavy rain. There are only just stalks left. I don't know weather to leave it out or dig it up and replant a new one or keep it inside.

Also, would my rosemary grow back since my husband cut back right down to it's stump?

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