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EMAVERICK Posts: 7,229
7/9/13 10:38 P

Hi Sandy, and Welcome!

Sandy, I probably have some strangely comforting insight for you. Even when you lose the extra weight, you will still be the same person, and perhaps you will still feel like the chubby one in the group, I don't know. What I do know is losing the weight can be a time of transformation, so it is actually a good thing that it takes a while. We always have a lot of transforming to do.

Imagine a thinner you. How does she dress? What does she eat (try to be realistic, she is thin, and she is maintaining it)? What does she do for exercise? For fun? How does she talk to people? Did she take up horseback riding, or did she start working for Habitat for Humanity? How does she handle aversity? I think at the beginning of our journey, we don't know any of those things. We always have a lot to learn, strategies to try out, styles to try on.

I think the SparkPeople "FastBreak" is a great way to start too. Give it a try. Try what the website suggests in the emails. Let others on the site help too--join a challenge, for instance, when you feel stuck somehow :-)

Remember to reward yourself, with non-food rewards, for reaching your goals, and also just sticking to plan!

Some non-food rewards are, a day trip to a park or a beach, a manicure or pedicure, a hot bath with some wonderful bath salts, new shoes, craft supplies, exercise equipment or outfits, or whatever floats your boat :-)

JIBBIE49 Posts: 73,527
7/8/13 8:20 P

Keep going.

7/8/13 10:01 A

Ive been over weight my whole life. The chubby one in every group. After so many years it has defintely wore on me. Seven months ago I started a life changing journey to finally drop some of the weight that I had been carrying. I droppped 20 pounds in four months!! I was so motivated that nothing could stop me. But now just a few months later that motivation is gone. Those thoughts that I grew up with have been slowly creeping back in my head, derailing my progress. I feel like I am fighting a war within myself and nobody can see it but me. "Eat this, dont eat that. Your fat anyway, who cares, YOU can do it..." I want to get back where I was. Those thoughts of being the chubby one are all coming back to me. I have resigned myself with the thought that I've always been chubby and I will always be chubby. And it has made me very unhappy. I will continue to look for motivation until I get back to where I was.

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