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6/14/12 4:52 P

Thanks everyone!! I am going to try a spark meal plan for a week and see if its better for me than winging it on my own. I just recently went from soda to water (I used to drink 4 or 5 cans of soda a day and no water) now I just have the water and surprisingly after the first few days of headaches/cravings I just want the water now. I hope it goes as smoothly with the fruits and veggies! Ive never been a big fan of them. Thanks again! emoticon

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6/14/12 10:26 A


Eating under Spark calorie recommendations for a week won't hurt your efforts at weight loss. However, this is not something you want to do on a regular basis. If you were to do this long term, yes, you would hinder your efforts at weight loss. Starving your body of the calories it needs to be healthy will not speed up your weight loss. I know this is going to sound strange, but a person needs to eat in order to lose weight.

While it's true that many Americans eat too much and need to eat less, the problem is that they are eating too much of the wrong foods and not enough of the right foods. QUALITY of the food you eat has a huge impact not only on your health, but your weight too.

I hope you don't mind, but I snuck a quick peak at your food diary. One thing that stands out to me is your lack of fresh fruit and veggies. There are days you barely get 1-2 servings. For optimum health, a person should be eating 6-9 servings of fresh fruit and veggies each and every day. If you want to impact your health and by extension your weight, increase the amount of fresh veggies you eat.

I can assure you that eating more veggies will help you lose weight. It's also a healthy way to help you increase the amount of calories you eat so that you are eating at Spark recommendations.

Starving doesn't work. It never did. You may lose weight, but you'll just end up regaining it plus extra. it happens all the time. Look at food as a way to nourish your body. Because when your insides are healthy, that reflects on your outsides.

Try adding more servings of fruits and veggies. It really will make a difference. It won't happen overnight or in a week, but with time... you will see change.

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6/14/12 9:52 A

If you are not meeting your nutrition goals, then you are working against your efforts for weight loss. By not eating enough, your body doesn't get what it needs in order to function properly and it can slow down your metabolism a great deal, which can also cause your body to store more fat and lose muscle (opposite of what you want to do). So it is very important to make sure you are eating enough. If a person doesn't eat enough, your body starts conserving energy because it doesn't have enough for the basic functions and will stop sending hunger signals, which can cause further problems as you will think you aren't hungry without those signals. Here is an Ask the Expert page that explains this all in more detail, along with helpful links, including a link for tips on how to increase your calorie intake:

Coach Denise

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6/14/12 9:50 A


how often a day do you eat and what do your meals look like?

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6/13/12 10:30 P

I have always been told to eat until you're full. Its a rule I live by, but I recently read that not getting enough calories can slow your metabolism. I have been consistently under my calorie range (as assigned by spark people) for the past week, but I dont feel like I am hungry. Should I force myself to eat? Terrified of slowing my metabolism! Help please!

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