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2/24/12 9:40 P

Well, the coffee is about 80 calories plus 30 for the Benefiber I add to it. Most days I try to get a ton of protein but sometimes something more "carby" sounds good in the morning! lol Fruits and veg may be good for you but they're not good for staying full, sadly.

I decided to reevaluate my goal date - by extending it out I get to have 250 more calories a day! I don't plan to go that high, but it's nice to know that I'll likely still lose, albeit a lot more slowly, if I do eat that much some days! Maybe that's what I need to, as one of you put it, bust through the plateau! =)

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2/24/12 11:53 A

I have the same problem with calorie spread - there are never enough left over in the evening unless I'm vigilant during the rest of the day. And by never enough, I mean exactly the same amount as OP, about 400-500.

One of my ways to battle this has been to cut down the size of my breakfast. Sometimes literally, as in just a few bites of something, or just an apple and a cup of tea, but mostly I try to bulk it up with low cal fruit and veg. Smoothies can be pretty good for volume to calorie ratio, especially if you use nonfat yogurt and fresh fruit (and a handful of spinach!). I also have it as late as possible to still call it breakfast. That way I won't want a snack before lunch. Especially when I have an extra cup of tea or coffee between the two, as OP does.

100 cal for a coffee really seems like a lot - just today I indulged in the most decadent coffee I drink outside Starbucks, which is 10oz of home brewed, about 1/4 cup milk, and two teaspoons of honey - and it was still only 75 cal. Have you considered changing something about the coffee you drink with out giving it up entirely?

Anyway, so I've ditched the morning snack, and I make lunch and my afternoon snack, again, as small as possible. For a snack maybe a carrot and a couple of low carb crackers, or half fat cheese. Plus, all throughout the day I'm drinking water constantly. Doing all this I'm able to reserve sometimes 900-1000 calories to reach the upper end of my daily limit (I try to avoid eating that much though).

I don't manage to do it every day but I'm always relieved when I find that I don't have to scrimp on my hungriest part of the day. I know it's not healthy to make dinner the heaviest meal, but it seems that no matter how much I eat at lunch or for a late snack, or how early I eat dinner, I'm always famished by the time it comes around and I struggle to keep my portion sizes satisfying if I only have 400-500 calories to fill. I weigh everything so I don't eat more than I should, but it's just that much easier when I'm aiming for 700-800 rather than lower. Then I take a 15 to 20 minute walk after dinner so I don't feel like a bloated blob.

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2/23/12 10:22 P

each block of cardio is a workout
each block of strength training is a workout this site will tell you how to use your calorie range in time with it..

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2/23/12 9:27 P

What does your exercise component of your program look like? Are you varying your workouts?


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2/23/12 8:55 P

Try swapping out some carbs for you stay full longer. Also, make sure you're getting enough fiber (sans benefiber).

My suggestion would be to add volume to your snacks and meals with lots of veggies...Cherry tomatoes are a favorite, as well as sugar snap peas and baby carrots. Berries are also great. This will add more bulk to your meals with less calories...with the added benefit of extra fiber for fullness.

You may also want to experiment with higher calorie ranges. When I lost 75lbs before, I hit a plateau at about 50lbs....I tried decreasing my calories and I gained! I went all the way up to 1800 and 2100 on days I worked out...and busted through my plateau. Try increasing your calories by just 100 a day and see if that helps your huunger/calorie spread issues.

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2/23/12 8:36 P

i tend to eat the majority of my calories around lunchtime... making sure to try and get a small snack in somewhere too... it could be good eating a larger breakfast if there is a lot of protein in it, it will help keep you fuller throughout the day.

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2/23/12 7:50 P

100 calories for coffee is a lot! There's nothing wrong with 400 calories at breakfast, though. I usually have about 400 calories for each of my 3 main meals and a couple hundred for snacks.

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2/23/12 7:16 P

I agree with Coach Nancy, I usually leave only 400 calories for dinner, but I eat breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack with those 800 or so calories. I try not to let myself get too hungry.

Also, I was looking through your food tracker, and you may want to look at shifting the type of food that you're eating. I notice that you're eating a significant amount of carbs. I know personally that I don't do well eating a high carb breakfast, it just makes me hungry all day. It might good to look through the SparkPeople Recipes to get some new ideas for meals that could offer a different macro-nutrient breakdown.

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2/23/12 7:05 P


Have you tried shifting your calories to what works for you? I personally eat most of my calories before 3 pm with a 400-500 calories available for dinner, which allows me plenty of calories to meet my needs. With careful planning it can be done, but you have to do what works best for you.

I hope this helps!
Coach Nancy

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2/23/12 6:56 P

No one said it would be easy, but our American habits are tripping me up. A breakfast of about 400 calories (and lots of protein) plus my 100 calorie AM coffee/benefiber routine - which I won't give up! - seems to be what satisfies me best. But if I eat lunch at, say 12 or 1 (the normal time!) and eat ~500 calories, that's only 500-600 calories for the entire rest of the day, which will probably be 10-11 hours. I'm usually hungry again by 3pm,and have a snack of 100-200 calories, leaving only, maybe, 400 calories for dinner and the entire afternoon and evening. I lost 20 pounds pretty readily but have been stuck for the last 6 months or so. Love to see some comments!

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