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It's probably because you cut your calories.

When there isn't much left to lose, the body wants to lose slowly. When you're talking 5 pounds - you should be aiming to lose that over 3 months. A pound every 2-3 weeks is PLENTY fast for the body when it's just the last few.

So set yourself a maintenance level range (as if at goal weight) on Spark. Set start weight and goal weight to the same thing (the lower number) and set your goal date a year ahead. That gives you a maintaining range.

Just eat at the bottom of that range. You'll be eating around 200 calories per day less than you need, and would lose a pound every 2-3 weeks at that rate.

Don't fight it - you can't lose weight fast when there's only 5 pounds to go.

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5/2/12 4:27 P


Could it be that your weight is where your body functions most efficiently? There comes a time when body composition trumps the number on the scale which is why I often times refer those at looking to lose those last few pounds to a someone certified in using skin calipers to determine body composition. This by far is a better means of telling you if you need to lose more weight or if you are just fine where you are.

Coach Nancy

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I have currently lost 15 pounds, but in the last week or two I have cut down my caloric intake and have not lost anything. What am I doing wrong and why cant I lose these last 5 pounds to hit my goal? Any suggestions.

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