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5/13/13 2:56 P

Thank you for the link (I already had it as a favourite) and the encouragement.

Talking of tools, a "monkey wrench" was thrown into the machinery this weekend because my boyfriend was at my place. I may need some alternate tools for those times, because my routine gets changed when he's here, plus he has significant food issues of his own. However, having here meant that I wasn't lonely, which was great.

Last night as a last resort I finally took some melatonin to help fall asleep, which it did, but it made me a bit groggy on waking up.

I am still struggling but will keep trying to implement the suggestions made here. I'm also reading up on emotional eating so that might help too.

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5/11/13 5:38 P

It sounds like you had most the tools but they were a bit rusty - LOL!

Anyway, here is a link that may also be helpful to you:

Good luck,

RIBKNIT Posts: 394
5/11/13 12:34 P

Those are good ideas, Archimedes and Slimmerkiwi; I like them.

I don't keep my journal beside my bed but will put it there from now on. I used to write in it frequently but allowed myself to get out of the habit. I think writing in it will help, because it was a great outlet for getting my feelings out where I could see them, and also gaining perspective on my life in general. I needed this reminder.

I am very aware of the effects of caffeine, so am careful with it. There is a coffee substitute I sometimes use, so I will take it from the cupboard and put it where I can see it. Drinking it brings back memories of warm times among family, so maybe it will act as a "comfort food" that is actually good for me.

I've tried listening to talk radio and although it wakes me up rather than relaxes me I do find it can be company during the day.

It's becoming obvious to me that I already know several strategies to avoid evening eating, but haven't been thinking about them and have needed reminding. I don't know why they totally fly out of my head as though they were never there, but they do! I'll give these ones another try and hope they help.

Thank you so much.

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5/11/13 4:52 A


If it's late at night and you're feeling alone, troubled, stressed out, etc... why not get a notebook and write if you don't want to turn on your computer ? I find that writing out my feelings (any feelings) helps me sort things out. I've said this in past that I find blogging/writing to be very cathartic. So, when you're feeling low or alone and don't have someone to talk to, try writing.

Do you drink any caffeine ? If you find yourself having problems going to sleep because you're anxious, then you might try having a cup of herbal tea. Sipping tea can be very relaxing.

I know we'd all like to be able to talk to someone, but some times that just isn't possible. This is why we need to find alternative ways to "vent" our anxieties. The next time this happens, try writing out your feelings.

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5/10/13 10:58 P

Perhaps that would be the time to have a diary by your bedside. When you are like that, pick it up and write your thoughts and feelings. Then close it and turn the light off. This often reduces the worry and gets you into a relaxed enough state to 'let go' and get into the sleep zone.

If it is a human voice you are wanting to hear, have a radio with a talk-back station going softly by your beside. That way you can listen to it and let sleep creep up on you. If something is quite problematic to you, there are 24/7 phone lines that you can ring. I am sure that there will be some numbers for them in your phone book.

Of course, turning to SP is often helpful. I used to spend loads of time reading the articles if I couldn't sleep. I knew it was time to go to bed when I could barely read any more - LOL!


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5/10/13 10:38 P

Thank you Coannie for your reply, and btw I don't think you are being flippant.

I have tried yogourt and/or milk with no success. I think computer message boards could help but the sleep interruption is simply not worth it because I pay for it the next day.

I believe you are right about tiredness leading to cravings. Maybe the best thing is just to get myself to bed and hopefully fall asleep. Such a simple concept, and I was overlooking it. Who knows, maybe it will be just the ticket. I will give it a few tries and hope for the best!

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5/10/13 5:55 P

In your note, something is standing out to me: "it's late evening, you're alone and tired and feeling low". Please don't take this as being flippant, but maybe the answer is to go to bed. When you are tired and not getting enough sleep, your body will look for energy sources, and that can lead to cravings and irrational hunger.

You could also try a cup of milk, or something that works for me, Greek yogurt with fruit. Even a third cup yogurt with a few strawberries or even thawed frozen fruit and some stevia is a nice protein rich evening snack.

I understand about not using the computer, but if you really need to reach out, that might be what you need to do, to engage on message boards like this one.

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5/10/13 5:11 P

Where do you go for help when it's late evening, you're alone and tired and feeling low, and you just can't seem to talk yourself out of overeating, no matter how hard you try?

I think if I could talk to somebody at that moment it would make a big difference. I talk with God but even that isn't usually enough. I feel like an alcoholic fighting not to take a drink and unable to reach an A.A. person. I have nobody to phone who I think would understand, and even if I could find someone I wouldn't want to disturb them too late in the evening.

I run into this a lot and it is really starting to get me down. If you can relate and have any comments or suggestions I would very much appreciate hearing them.

I'm posting this in the afternoon. I don't like to use my computer at night because the light is stimulating and makes it hard to get to sleep, but tonight I will check here anyway to see if there are any replies. Many thanks.

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