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11/10/12 2:25 P

My exercise isn't 'formal' as such. I get it by putting my groceries and laundry away one at a time. The grocery bags are light-weight because heavier bags cause me problems, and I only bring two bags into the house at a time - one each hand. I can sometimes get a 30 minute walk in doing this, but other times if my back and hips are causing problems, or I am fatigued, I might do it in 2 attempts. Fortunately I love doing laundry, but even then there are only 2 of us to put away for. I put them all one end of the house and take them (brisk walk) to their resting places - mostly the other end. I can get up to a 30 minute walk in doing this, too, with breaks if need be. The beauty of this method is that it doesn't seem like work, but it doesn't seem like exercise. To me that is a win/win situation.

I also have a Gym Ball (but seldom use it now). They are really good to sit on while watching TV or while on the computer. They are great because even doing that they are exercising the deep abdominals and the back muscles - just by maintaining your balance. As someone with an ankle problem, this might be ideal for you. I can tell you from experience too, that once on the ball, it is hard to not bounce up and down on it (having fun) and that burns even more energy.

Where it comes to what other people bring into the house, have you ASKED them to NOT bring this into your house. Some people have a "No Smoking" sign on their front doors - maybe you could get a "No Junk Food" sign!


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11/10/12 9:41 A

We all have those days.. You can do this..

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11/10/12 7:11 A

Wow . so much helpful people.
today is a new day. I have learned long ago not to even bring junk into the house. However family and friends bring them here. Nice hunh? I have just throw stuff out before but it is very hard just because they seem to be drawn like a magnet to my mouth...
The truth is I really hate the exercise and have a hard time getting motivated. Thats why even ten to fifteeen minutes is pushing it for me. I used to exercise every day for an hour... Got up early and went to the Y to use the pool. I worked hard and even though I did this faithfully I still did not lose weight. I have had my thyroid checked many times, and they always say its working fine.
So now i gained a little weight back when I had ankle surgery and was in a rehab. I feel very uncomfortable and can not get around very well. Thats why my efforts to try to lose.I have been obese even as a kid.
as a teen lost weight by starvation diet and walking every day.Then as a busy person working, i gained it all back . eating fast food and being on the run all the time.
Now I gave up fast food, except for occasionally, no longer add sugar to anything but coffee.
those are the changes I have made.I started drinking water and sometimes tea instead of diet sodas.

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11/10/12 4:29 A

I'm all for the baby steps idea as well. I think that if you've missed your morning workout, even if you're tired try for 5-10 minutes of exercise in the will help to get rid of the "all or nothing" mindset. emoticon Also, the day after an overeating episode, I would suggest eating normal healthy meals instead of trying to deprive yourself because you messed up the day before. I've done the whole overeat, starve cycle so many times and it definitely doesn't work..and isn't worth it.

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11/10/12 2:12 A

Where do you get the donuts? Are they at work, or do you buy them in your house? If you buy them in, I know it is difficult, but you need to learn how to resist the temptation to buy them in the first place. There are times when I crave something while I am shopping. I skip past the problem areas in the supermarket as quickly as I can. Ensuring you eat a proper meal before shopping can be helpful too. Below is a link which may be helpful for dealing with Supermarket temptations:

If you are getting them at work, are you able to take something a bit more healthy to eat, and fill you, so that you don't resort to reaching out for them.

Below are a couple links that may be helpful overall:

I hope that I haven't over-powered you with these links - hopefully there will be something there that will work well for you.

Take care,

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11/10/12 1:10 A

I agree with the first response. Small steps are important. It is hard to change everything all at once. Try to improve your eating gradually and keep on sparking regardless. There are a lot of articles and blogs here to help with the trigger issues. Everyone here will support you.

I have certain foods for chich I have trouble limiting their quantities. My solution is simple. I either do not buy them or buy them in limited quantities so I cannot gorge.

Good luck.

IJOANIE Posts: 351
11/9/12 8:09 P

Thank You. The problem is that I can not have certain foods around. I have to learn to say NO.
I am tracking my food and trying to do ten to fifteen minutes exercise everyday.But If i don't get the exercise done in the morning, I am too tired later in the day.
You are right, that an unhealthy breakfast sets me up for a bad day.

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11/9/12 6:52 P

You are a new member, and I am wondering if you are trying/wanting to change everything at once. It is best to just use the Baby Steps method. It may be something as simple as reducing soda/juice as you increase water intake (no calories or additives.) It may also be that if you aren't physically active now, just walking to the mail box and back a couple times a day, or if you DO get some exercise in, then to extend it a little. When your mind/body is used to the changes, THEN add something else to the mix.

Just remember, tho', that starting the day with a healthy breakfast will help to set you up for a better day with choices of food and the amount. It helps, too, if you have some healthy 'go to' snacks on the ready for when you want/need to nibble.

Do you have a partner or a couple friends you can share a SMALL pizza with? Make up the rest with a healthy salad and some fruit.

Good luck, but remember - BABY STEPS :-)


IJOANIE Posts: 351
11/9/12 6:31 P

Bad day! Started out with donuts for breakfast! Counted calories and moved on, but ended up ordering pizza for dinner, and I can not eat just one slice!
I won't lose if I keep this up! Why do I even try when I fail!?
Very disappointed in self

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