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1/15/13 8:17 A

Nirerin had some very good points.
Balance is key

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1/15/13 7:46 A

here is the thing about apples: they aren't a very good snack choice. why you ask? because they're basically pure carbs. and snacks, just like meals, should have carbs and fiber and protein and fat. i mean, come on, has anyone every gotten full eating celery? no.
and when you eat pure carbs, be it an apple or plain sugar, you eat it, you use the energy and you get hungry again very quickly. the fiber in the apple is going to minimize the level of the sugar spike and stretch it out a little longer, but that's what is going to happen. so you need to find some fat and protein to go with that apple so that when the carbs get used up, there is protein waiting. a bit of cheese or some nut butter or nuts are great options to do this. otherwise, you're just piquing your appetite and setting yourself up to nibble at whatever is nearby.
as far as eating goes, you need to drill it into your head that it takes 20 minutes for the memo that you're full to go from your stomach to your head. and you need to find a way to wait out those 20 minutes after you finish eating before you go back for more. it can involve doing anything but sitting at the clock waiting for 20 minutes to pass. go for a walk, pick up a crafting hobby, clean, essentially distract yourself and you should not feel hungry when done.
another thing you might try is snacking all the time instead of having meals. and by snacking, i am talking eating balanced mini meals six or more times a day. it means you never really get hungry and you never really get full, you kinda stay more in the middle.

1/15/13 7:22 A

Drink water while eating. Take a bite, then a sip of water. You'll fill up quicker with the water and it will take you longer to finish eating so you'll stop when you're full.

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1/15/13 4:24 A

RUSSELL is right.

But also, if you are reducing your caloric intake down to your SP determined daily range but this reduction is turning out to be a bit too large... You will be hungry all the time. The way around this is to reduce your caloric intake gradually down to your SP range instead of doing it overnight.

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1/14/13 10:56 P

Why not a second apple. I buy mine in bags. Get 21 a week, so you can have 3 a day. Then throw out cake. It's going to be hard to lose weight when you have multiple servings of cake, but only 1 serving of apples. Its all about choices. You could eat a few servings of vegetables if you finish the apples. All you need to do is eat something better than cake.

You should have dozens of servings of healthy food, and no cake at home. You will find it hard to gain weigh eating fruit/ veggies. Go ahead and splurge. Eat 20 servings. You will fill up before you eat the same calories as several pieces of cake.

1/14/13 9:34 P

When I'm hungry, I tend to eat something healthy... but I'm such a fast consumer, the hunger is still there after the apple is gone. So I say, hey why not a bite of that cake leftover in the fridge? and that turns into one or two more slices. I tend to jump onto trigger foods very easily and it has become a diet sabotage for me. I want to learn how to control myself after one bite and also learn how to eat slower and listen to my body to tell me when i'm REALLY full. Any advice?? Please!

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