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LEAH_ASHLEY SparkPoints: (18,746)
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7/11/13 5:19 P

Welcome to sparkpeople, happy you found this site... I believe no one has the right to judge another. I believe you will find some healthy support here

TREV1964 Posts: 5,115
7/11/13 3:39 P

In here you are never judged by where you have come from - you are judged by where you want to go, and you sound as you are wanting to do something about your situation and this is an inspiration in itself.

I have never felt as comfortable about my weight and appearance anywhere like I do in here. I haven't discovered anybody in here that is nasty or difficult in any way. They all seem to range from great to smashing in the male department and from wonderful to gorgeous in the female department.

If this place is not on line utopia for people like us then what is?

Lovely to have you aboard by the way.



BEGINNINGTOBEME SparkPoints: (5,223)
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7/11/13 3:39 P

I have stayed in and over-eaten many, many times when my mood is low. I am trying to be more mindful of my tendency to treat my emotional ups and downs with food.

Also, I need to learn to HAVE FUN- and not sit on the sidelines of life just because I am overweight. It's easy to stay in, but I think you'll feel better if you 'bite the bullet" and get out of the house. :-)

KATIZUMI2013 Posts: 90
7/11/13 3:18 P

Hi, you look really sweet. How is it going? I broke my streak and overate yesterday. it was my birthday and i felt ignored and lonely, i think! Time for me to stop staying home alone all the time. My plan is to lose weight, get more fit, and go back to school where i love it. I was a language student, now interested in researching consciousness development. How about you? sarah

KATIZUMI2013 Posts: 90
7/11/13 3:14 P

Hi! I feel like you do about getting out! I stay at home all the time, but I am getting sick of it! But I have been single all my life, but have two grown children and two 4 year old grandchildren.Single mom. I loved to cook! In fact, wrote my own cookbook. But now I avoid it, and that does not work either! Just makes me grab unhealthy quick food. So, learning to eat the healthy way. Glad to meet you. sarah

BEGINNINGTOBEME SparkPoints: (5,223)
Fitness Minutes: (981)
Posts: 33
7/11/13 2:58 P

Welcome to SP! I just started yesterday, and people have been very kind and encouraging. Congratulations on your brave decision to make some changes in your life.

I am really excited-- and intimidated-- to get up and get moving, and leave the extra food behind. But so many peple here have done it, so WE can do it too, right?

WANDAGOOCH SparkPoints: (223)
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7/11/13 12:54 P

I am 65 yrs old a widow for 9 yrs. I am so tired of food being my constant replacement companion I love to cook and create new recipies which my husband and children loved. I stay home alot because I can't walk very far as I get out of breath, can't get up out of chairs without struggling, embarrassed to eat out always thinking people are judging me by my weght. I am so glad to have found this site.

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