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ANNAWONG Posts: 80
2/27/09 11:26 A

incline def! also weight training check out they have suggested to me that i do legs twice a week (mon/fri)- squats, deadlifts, lunges, leg press, and a bit of hamstrings :) theres a workout for everyone there :) i have def seen improvement!

CLIMBERCHICK14 Posts: 11,246
2/27/09 10:51 A

I can definitely feel the burn in my butt walking stairs and walking at an incline then when I run even 5 miles.

I DEFINITELY feel it when I'm walking at an incline. Since I'm post op and can only do the stationary bike (no weight bearing for 6 weeks...I'm a runner) I've definitely felt it as well.

You can't "spot reduce" but at least for me there are 4 cardio exercises that tone my legs for sure.

1. Walking up & down steps. DAMN I feel that burn.
2. Brisk walk on an incline on the treadmill. Oh baby, you feel you butt.
3. Stationary bike. Try it one day. You'll fell the muscles in your butt (as I currently sit here after just 2 days feeling a butt muscle I never knew I had!)
4. Running! Running helps everything. It's like the best total body workout. If you enjoy it (I LOVE IT), then it's a wonderful cardio to tone it all.

~Dumbbell squats
~Abduction/Adduction machines

Fitness DVD:
~Biggest Loser Power Scuplt. I love that DVD and it tones. After 2 weeks I had muscles in my arms and legs that I could SEE. It was pretty nifty.


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2/27/09 9:13 A

totally agree with Autumn. There is no way to spot-reduce. Your best bet is doing a moderate-intense cardio work out and adding strength training most days of the week. Weight training should be done only every other day to allow the muscles time to recover. Cardio can be done every day.

Best wishes.

AUTUMN-LYNN Posts: 262
2/27/09 8:01 A

Any time you add resistance to a workout your muscles work harder (there for more toning will occur) However, as you may know, there is no such thing as spot reducing "flab" Think of it as layers of body paint, each time you exercise you will lose 1 layer of your whole body. If your legs/glutes are the biggest, they will be the last to go. If you don't already, I suggest adding some squats or lunges to your routine (with weights if you can) 2-4 times a week, or every second day. The may speed up the toning process and assist you with walkig on an incline.

BEEISH Posts: 171
2/27/09 7:49 A

I read recently somewhere on the message boards that someone felt their legs and butt didn't get toned until they started walking at a 15% incline on a treadmill regularly. Has anyone else had success toning their lower body by doing this? I'm desperate to de-flab my lower body! Any other tips would be appreciated too.

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