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3/4/12 11:49 A

I also do incline walking. Every treadmill is different, mine has an "Around the World" setting. I set it so that it varies the incline from 9%-15% (which is the machine's max) for thirty minutes, and the incline varies to represent various geographical features around the world. I try to guess what mountains or mountain ranges I might be passing through based on the incline! I never get bored of this because it makes me think about going on holidays to a mountain on the opposite side of the world!

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3/4/12 10:56 A

Thank you!

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3/4/12 10:55 A

That sounds like a good one. Thank you! I'm trying that tomorrow.. emoticon

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3/3/12 6:02 P

This is my workout. I do it as well as the stationary bike.

Walk for 1 minute at no incline, brisk pace.
At 1 minute up the incline to 1
At 2 minutes up the incline to 2
Continue every minute until the incline is on 10 (or as much as you can handle!)
Walk as long as possible at incline 10 (or the highest you can go)
Start decreasing the incline every 30 seconds until you get to half of the highest incline, then decrease incline every minute.
Stop decreasing the incline at 1 and walk for a few minutes to cool down.

It is quick, it is tiring and it wears me out like nothing else! Just a note that as your incline goes up your speed may have to decrease. That is OK!

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3/3/12 3:38 P

Interval training! Ramp up your speed and/or incline periodically, including running as fast as you can, for intervals of 30 seconds, a minute, or as long as you can stand. There's a good number of treadmill articles here, here's one about running on the treadmill with intervals:

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3/3/12 2:20 P

Does anyone know a good treadmill work for a beginner? I'm a little bored of just walking for 45 mins. three days a week. emoticon

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