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ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,990
8/2/14 8:35 P

We looked at remanufactured Life Fitness and Precor treadmills today. They run between $2000 to $3700. A little discouraging because they wer 5-8 years old. Crummy warrantee but a established business. Nordic track brand new are about $1500. I am not a serious runner, I just want a decent work out. Thoughts?

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8/2/14 4:02 P

I also have a Nordic Track with all the fancy stuff on it. It was expensive ...around $1500 I think but it came with a great warranty and honestly I love it. I use it all the time and because I can surf the internet on it or plug in my mp3 i never get bored.

ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,990
8/2/14 2:10 P

Kastra that model some seem very highly rated. Thank you!

KASTRA Posts: 369
8/2/14 1:02 P

I've done a lot of research and am putting cash aside to buy a Smooth 7.35 treadmill hopefully in the next few months. It's got a great warranty, and the customer reviews tend to be pretty positive other than delivery times if dealing direct with the manufacturer. The running belt is longer than typical (my husband is taller and doesn't like most treadmills due to belt length, I'm short and can use anything). If new, it runs about $1,500.

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ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,990
8/2/14 10:20 A

MTN_KITTEN which precor do you have?

ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,990
8/2/14 10:19 A

Thanks everyone! I have been looking at used precors. I got burned on this refurbished Life fitness bike I bought 2 years ago and am a little apprehensive.

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8/1/14 2:18 P

I have a PreCor that I have had for 20 years. Other than replacing the belt on the motor ... it works like a charm.

Sometimes your get what you pay for ... it was $1,000 back then.

Good luck.

AZRIDERS Posts: 215
8/1/14 2:13 P

Craig's List is a great idea.

I've had a Nordictrack 3.0 CHP Durastride for about 4 years now and have never had a lick of trouble with it. It's the one with the long running platform and it has many options for HIIT, a fan, a place to plug in your music and you can put it on the internet to do the virtual tours. I got mine at Sears for $799 on sale. Great deal.

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8/1/14 11:52 A

I don't have specific information on a particular treadmill. However, something you might try is checking your local Craigslist or Freecycle listings. You don't have to pay $1000 to $2000 for a new treadmill. Many people are offering used or lightly used treadmills on those two websites. Some people will give you the treadmill if you're willing to come get it.

For now...

Precor is a particular good manufacturer or exercise equipment. so, you might look into some of their treadmills.

ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,990
8/1/14 7:52 A

Anyone out there have advice on a good treadmill. I bought a refurbished Life Fitness bike and it has been nothing but trouble. I am looking at NordicTrack treadmills. I can afford. $2000.00. Any and all input appreciated!

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