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KMHILLI Posts: 165
12/3/11 11:36 P

Make sure your mechanics are consistent as you ramp up the speed.

When I'm increasing speed, it sometimes feels as if my legs are outrunning my if I'm sitting back on my hips. I often have to make a conscious effort to shift my hips and core forward until I get used to the speed. If I didn't make adjustments, I'm sure my back would ache.

Good luck!

MARYZPA Posts: 16
12/3/11 11:17 P

Thanks, Zorbs, that's an interesting question. I'm working on my core strength, but it's not great yet. That might be the cause of my problem.

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,361)
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12/2/11 1:14 P

do you have a weak core?

12/2/11 7:51 A

Thanks Coach Nancy. I never thought about the biomechanics of naturally swinging your arms versus holding onto the rails. It makes sense. I'm an arm swinger but there are a lot of people at my gym that hold on.


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MARYZPA Posts: 16
12/1/11 6:29 P

I don't hold on when using the treadmill and do allow my arms to swing naturally, so I don't think that's the problem. I'm sure my posture could be better, though.

I don't stretch before using the treadmill because I thought you shouldn't stretch cold muscles. So, i just start slowly and gradually increase the speed.

I'll give it another try. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions.

JMVANE15 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/1/11 6:22 P

Out of all of those machines, I think treadmills are most beneficial to you. Did you stretch well enough before hand?

SP_COACH_NANCY SparkPoints: (0)
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12/1/11 6:13 P


Are you allowing your arms to swing freely or are you hanging onto the rails or the front of the treadmill? If it is the latter, it could be that your biomechanics is not quite what it should be if you slow down your speed and allow your arms to swing naturally. Also raising the incline slightly may help.

Coach Nancy

LAETU5 Posts: 1,405
12/1/11 6:02 P

I have general back pain quite often because my back just isn't that great. The treadmill and running in general do not seem to affect it; if anything it has helped. Make sure you are using proper form and not hunching over or otherwise leaning in an odd way.

BELLAARADIA SparkPoints: (40)
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12/1/11 5:41 P

No..but you said you increased your speed and time significantly.. you should try again and only increase your speeds like at .5 to 1 intervals over a few days time..even weeks. Don't push yourself too hard, you're just asking for an injury.

MARYZPA Posts: 16
12/1/11 5:11 P

I've been trying to increase my speed and my time on the treadmill. Over last weekend, I increased both pretty significantly...and then experienced a very sore lower back that began the next day. I've cared for it with rest and ice and heat and it's much better. I'd like to get back to the gym, but I'm wondering if maybe the treadmill's not for me. I've had good experiences with the elliptical, arc trainer, and stationary bike, but hoped to add the treadmill to my repertoire, too.

Has anyone else found that treamill use exacerbates lower back pain?

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