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1/26/13 12:46 A

Have you tried diary/journal entries starting every single sentence and I MEAN EVERY SENTENCE... with the phrase... "I feel.." ???? It did me a great deal of good at one point in time.

You can even expand your entries if you're so inclined to "I feel__________ because_________. I used to call my journals, my sh*t books, cause that's what they were full of. All the anger and garbage that built up that needed a safe and cheap expression.

If you try it and like it, let me know how it goes.


FITNESS_ELLE Posts: 1,761
1/25/13 6:31 P

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I sort of had a PTSD diagnosis after a bad breakup. That was about 10 years ago, but I still have that angry victim feeling you describe. The best advice I got was to be kind to yourself. Therapy is great, too!

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1/25/13 5:33 P

Thanks. I know how to do CBT but I use it sparingly. i should try CBT more often.

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1/25/13 5:02 P

I suffered from Depression and PTSD. What got me through - particularly the PTSD - was Therapy. My Psychologist practiced Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which teaches us to change our thought processes. It has really been a HUGE help and I am really glad that it did it.

If you don't have a Therapist I strongly suggest that you talk with your Dr and ask for a referral to one who is qualified to practice this technique. Below is a link which will explain more about it if you aren't familiar with it.

Good luck,

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1/25/13 4:23 P

Thank, I totally forgot about my diary and painting. And I was already thinking of taking up kickboxing. Maybe all I have to do is vent my feelings. Yes I do go to a support group.

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1/25/13 4:11 P


Do you have a support group for your PTSD ? Support groups can help relieve some of that tension and anger you're feeling. I'm sure you wouldn't want to hurt yourself or anyone else.
When I'm feeling out of sorts, I do find that exercise does help. I used to do a lot of kick boxing. Found that hitting a heavy bag really helped vent my frustrations. Maybe boxing is something you could try to vent your feelings.

Do you blog ? Writing out your feelings can be very cathartic. You don't have to write these feelings on your Spark page, you could keep a journal or even a scrapbook. I know people who've created a scrap book with images and writings of how they are feeling. Painting is another way to reduce stress and let out emotions.

Recovery is never easy, but these are some things that might help.


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1/25/13 3:52 P

I have PTSD and I always have this uncomfortable traumatized feeling. I try meditation and relaxation and that helps like a band aid, so I have to be regular. Exercise helps too.

But I feel like I shouldn't have to go through this nonsense. I have a voice of an angry victim inside of me. But I downplay it because I don't want to play the victim anymore.

It makes me feel like hurting somebody else or myself.

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