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6/23/14 8:26 A

Based on my own personal experience, there's no way. No way, no how I could run a 5k in 3 weeks. I just started week 2 of the 'couch to 5k program' and yeah, no, it wouldn't happen. The program itself is 9 weeks. And that's if you can complete it without having to repeat a week. So if you've never run before, you may want to strongly consider walking this 5k.

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6/22/14 10:18 P

Yes, as the others have said, we would need more information to say whether you could be ready to do a 5k in three weeks. How much are you currently running? How long have you been running? If you consider doing run/walk intervals, you'll have a better chance of completing the 5k.

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6/22/14 4:23 P


I agree. We need more information in order to be more helpful.

Have you ever run before ? if you're absolutely new to running and have never run a mile, then three weeks won't be enough time to prepare for a 5k. Going from completely sedentary to a 5k in three weeks really is not enough time.

How old are you ? How much do you weigh ? how tall are you ? What have you been doing for exercise ? If you have been working out, three weeks won't be enough, but it will at least get you started. You might not be able to run the whole 5k, but you might make a mile or 2 before needing to walk.

AND that is always an option. if you're not ready to run the whole 3.1 miles, you could do a walk/run combination. Plenty of new runners will run part of the course and walk part of the course. So, if you are signed up for a 5k, don't force your body to do too much too soon. Start with a Couch to 5K program. This article will get you started.

Follow this training program. you may not be ready for this upcoming 5k, but you should be ready for the next if you give yourself more time to train.

Also, make sure you are fitted for a proper pair of running shoes. Go to a reputable running or sports store to get fitted. don't wear any old shoe. wearing the wrong shoes can cause problems with your knees, ankles, hip joints and feet. Running is high impact and hard a person's body. Thus the reason to make sure you're wearing proper shoes.

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6/21/14 10:04 P

Cannot answer this question without more information. Have you been completely sedentary? are you a new exerciser? can you run at all?

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6/21/14 9:49 P

Can I get some help on the best way to train for a 5k in 3 weeks? I am a constantly busy person but haven't had a lot of time for exercise but I really am trying to get into the habit. Now my 5k is only 3 weeks away and I am not ready. Please help me!!

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