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I noticed the same thing when I first started tracking. I also noticed that I was eating much bigger portions (especially at lunch time) than was necessary. Eventually your body will get adjusted to you eating less and that hunger feeling will go away. I also try to drink a glass of water (or 2) whenever I start to feel hungry. Most times you are dehydrated and just need some water not food. Restaurants can be hard. I try to chose restaurants based on the ones I can figure out what I want to eat before I go there. I never go to a restaurant anymore without planning first what I am going to eat. That way I know ahead of time if I have any wiggle room in my calorie intake. If I can't find their nutritional values online then I think about what I am going to eat and break down all the food item by item to input in my tracker. Sadly this takes more time, but it is better for me in the long run. Good luck! You can do it!

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Since I started tracking my food, I learned that I gravitate towards carbohydrate-laden snacks. On those days, I go over on my calorie range because I feel so hungry. When I have more protein, I stay within my calorie range and go to bed feeling satisfied. What I have found most challenging is tracking food from restaurants. Some do not have nutrition information and some that do are so confusing to figure out. I'm doing my best by estimating when I need to and choosing restaurants that make it easier on me to track.

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