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7/8/14 7:25 P

You can change your targets for fat/carbs/protein in your nutrition tracker. Plus add any macro targets you might want to track. I will post this, have a look and come back and edit with suggestions how to do this. :)

OK: Go to my trackers, then my nutrition page. At the bottom of the page you will find something about "nutrition goal settings". Open that up and you can change just about anything you want and it'll be reflected on your tracker. If I remember correctly, it won't change the standard food menu suggestions, though so you'll have to make your own menu choices.

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7/8/14 4:57 P

I was wondering what would be the correct settings for your calorie/carb/fat/protein intake? I feel on the paleo diet and using the spark counter it's not working. I feel what spark people have it set at for my recommendation is wrong. If you can understand my Having a hard time trying to explain it:) Please help me out. Thanks

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