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MCCC75 SparkPoints: (25,022)
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1/6/14 7:08 A

I track everything and think that is what makes the difference in being successful.... emoticon

LOJACK_05 SparkPoints: (392)
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1/6/14 6:04 A

Thank you all for responding! It sounds as though tracking is the way to go.

1/3/14 4:45 P

I recommend tracking them because those calories count too. Believe it or not though, tracking every bite becomes second nature over time. I feel strange when I don't track now. ;)

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
1/3/14 1:58 P

The reason you don't have to track fruits and veggies on WW is because their base meal plan only adds up to about 1000 calories, and assumes you'll eat another 200-500 calories in fruits and veggies. Spark plans in advance for all calories, so those calories are part of your grand total.

A calorie is a calorie, and eating 1500 calories from non-produce, and adding another 500 from produce may result in no weight loss for some.

RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
1/3/14 1:14 P

Tracking the calories is necessary, since fruits and veggies could add up to hundreds of calories. Clicking on the fruit/veggie meter is unnecessary though.

JBERNA2 Posts: 19
1/3/14 11:41 A

My advice would be that if you want to get the most out of sparkpeople, track everything. When I first started tracking, I was jealous of my friend who was doing WW because she didn't have to track fruits and veggies. But when I started seeing much better results than her, that jealousy quickly went away ;)

EXCELDREAM SparkPoints: (86,236)
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1/3/14 11:35 A

I track the nutrients of fruits and vegetables I eat, but I stopped counting the servings after the tracker was moved from the Nutrition Tracker to the Start Page. That move doesn't make sense to me - I don't know how much I've eaten until I've entered the food into the tracker. Anyway, I know I need to eat five servings a day and usually manage to accomplish that whether I enter them into a fruit/vegetable counter or not.

KCLARK89 SparkPoints: (44,612)
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1/3/14 10:52 A

Definitely still track because some, while good for you, are still high in (natural) sugar or calories. Apples and bananas can have higher sugar counts, and avocado can get up there in calories if you're not careful.

CHEETARA79 Posts: 3,911
1/3/14 9:42 A

Yes, I track all my calories regardless of their source.

LOJACK_05 SparkPoints: (392)
Fitness Minutes: (160)
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1/3/14 9:28 A

Hi. Do you track fruits and veggies? I did Weight Watchers for awhile and really liked that fruits and veggies didn't count towards my point total. I didn't even have to track them. Is tracking calories of fruits and veggies really necessary? Most diets allow you to eat as much vegetables as you want. I don't want to exceed my daily caloric intake but I also don't want to track every single bite I take. Thank you for any feedback!

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