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12/12/12 5:35 A

I think you should track. To start with you did eat the food/calories and really by not tracking the only person you are lying to is yourself. You already know what you ate so you can't really hide from yourself :) Also you might be surprised to find the "damage" isn't as bad as you are thinking in your mind, and having a good idea of the calories eaten might make you add some extra time/intensity to your work out for the rest of the week to burn off the extra calories. Most of all don't beat yourself up, this is life, live it.

ANDIGATOR Posts: 127
12/11/12 1:52 P

I track my binges. And I weigh myself the next day. Mostly my binges happen when I go out for drinks with my friends on Friday. I'll have 3 beers, and before you know it I lose inhibitions and eat way too much as well!

I just put it all in the tracker. I start from the beginning of the meal, and estimate. So if it's tortilla soup, just pick the first tortilla soup that comes up on the tracker. It's not accurate, but it's *something*. Before you know it my tracker is a mile long. But I don't look at the total calories until I'm totally done (or I'll be tempted to start underestimating).

The key is not to get too upset. Just treat it like data entry and when you weigh yourself, you have another mini goal to overcome the next day.

It happens to everyone! I just try and limit myself to one beer next Friday.

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12/11/12 12:28 P

I'm another who tries to track buffets. If it's after the fact, actually seeing the whole truth on the tracker makes me feel better. It might be bad, but I know approximately what I'm dealing with. After a few years of tracking, I have a pretty good memory for food, so I'll just mentally go through what I ate over the night and find something approximate to match. It won't be completely accurate, but it fills in a big gaping hole.

As someone else said, the food exists and it's in your body. I'd rather deal with it armed with some information (and usually, when I've actually entered a night of going overboard, it's not quite as bad as what I've built it up to be in my mind).

On the other side of things, for next time you try a buffet, I'd recommend going in with a pre-set menu in your mind and trying to keep track as you go. I find that helps a lot. As an example, I had a work party last Thursday that involved a lot of pub appies. I kept myself to 1-2 of each item and set myself a calorie limit at the restaurant. When my mental total hit that amount, I stopped (if you're interested in how I tracked, it's listed in my tracker for Dec 6). The actual items on my tracker were guesses, overestimating where possible.

Finally, it helps if you change the definition of buffet in your mind. Right now, we're conditioned to think of them as eating as much food as possible to get the most value out of it. Now I think of a buffet as a chance to design my own perfect menu. I wouldn't eat everything on a menu in a normal restaurant, so I don't eat everything available at the buffet. It can be hard to get past the 'value' conditioning, but think of it this way: If you're full, you've enjoyed yourself and you've had tasty food, you have gotten good value. Let's pretend a gas station offered you as much fuel as you wanted for a fixed price (no carry out in a gas can, of course!). Would you feel like you were cheated if your tank was full but you could still technically pour more? Would you spill gas on the ground just because the guy in the SUV next to you got more gas for the same price, even though your car had better mileage? Would you pour gas *inside* the car, actually damaging the vehicle, just to use as much as you possibly could because it was available?

Or, as I like to look at it: No one complains about getting less fabric for the same price when they go from a size 18 to a size 4 in clothing emoticon

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HAPPYLISA17 Posts: 213
12/11/12 6:08 A

I still try to track food even at buffets. My husband and I quit going to them because we knew that was what was getting us in trouble in the weight department. We both grew up poor, so when you pay for an 'all you can eat', we were taught by our parents to get our money's worth.

NEWMARIA1 SparkPoints: (1,139)
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12/8/12 6:32 A

LOL...Funny and informative. I love reading through these posts. It is so helpful to know i am not alone and to laugh out loud too. Great post.

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12/6/12 10:57 A

I love the idea of having a preset that is overboard on calories, fat, etc. Sometimes we just need to see that on our data... see the calories spike, consequences for our actions. If you need that reassurance, that's such a great idea! If you are already too hard on yourself, then maybe you should skip that idea, but I think much of what you said in your previous post was very positive. You weighed all the negatives you did at the buffet with all the positives. Not many do that. Many either beat themselves up, or create an unrealistic picture as an excuse for themselves. I think you have the right attitude. :) None of us are perfect. Keep up the good work!

12/6/12 8:40 A

For binges in general I used to have a "pigout" custom food set.
5k or 10k calorories and really hig fat, carbs, etc.
That way I felt like I was holding myself accoutable.
Because let's face it. There are somethings thar impossible to calculate,

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,423
12/4/12 3:35 P

I am surprised many said to not track it.

You should track it and own it... you DID eat the food after all!

Pretending you did not is just lying to yourself and making it seem okay to do it again.

Track it, own it, then move on!

FEDGIRL4 Posts: 2,182
12/4/12 2:21 P

I agree with the others and their advice on your feelings.

I will add to that:

As far as tracking, try to think back about what foods you had and try to estimate how much you ate. At a buffet, unless you made the food, that is all you can do, especially with casseroles and pasta mixes, cake, etc. If you at spaghetti and marinara, look that up and then take the lowest measurement it gives and estimate from there.

ATHENA1966 Posts: 3,976
12/2/12 5:19 P

I don't know if adding a big whopping calorie amount to your tracker will make you feel better. I suspect it will make you feel worse. As another sparker said stay off the scale for a few days. The sodium alone can add a ton of water weight. Don't beat yourself up. We have all been there.

RADIOTIKSPARK1 SparkPoints: (0)
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12/2/12 4:24 P

This doesn't work for everyone, but you mentioned that your husband was with you. When I started this process I told my fella that I *expect* him to intervene if he sees me making a particularly poor choice. He does it in a nice way: he asks me why I feel like I should eat more, suggests that I wait or think about it, and sometimes offers a solution or provides a distraction. Perhaps have a discussion with your husband and, at least while you are starting out, tell him that he can police you a bit. Tell him to ask you if you really want seconds at the buffet or if you could wait, drink a cup of water, and then see if you want any more. Sometimes I just need someone to break the binging chain. That was the kind of support that I needed and, well, it has worked. It has taken a year but I am only 3 pounds away from my goal.

SMILES4383 Posts: 16,110
12/2/12 3:16 P

One option:
Add BUFFET to your favorites on your food tracker.
Give it a 5000 calorie amount with about 50g Fat, 250g Carbohydrates, and about 40g Protein
That would be a fair assessment of the foods that you listed --- maybe even more.

The point I'm trying to make is that actually SEEING all those probably calories / nutritional information will help deter you next time.

Note: one average trip to the buffet (with no restrictions) can easily exceed 3000 calories.

I gave it a Google and this popped up:

TEAANA SparkPoints: (1,956)
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12/2/12 12:09 A

Thank you so much for the replies. I needed a reminder that one mistake does not equal failure. I promise i won't get on the scale again until next saturday, because it would just make me crazy.

I know i shouldn't have gone to the buffet in the first place, it was just plain stupid indulgence - which is why i am here in the first place. I hadn't been to a buffet in over a year, and as i drove past i decided i wanted to eat there for dinner. I Turned the car around, husband was on board because he was starving and didn't want to wait for me to cook dinner at home, so in we went. I really will have to check my impulses when it comes to food from now on, because i do beat myself up so much after i indulge.

As far as tracking goes, i think i'll just skip the rest of today, and start fresh tomorrow.

SIMPLELIFE2 Posts: 707
12/1/12 11:40 P

A pound is equivalent to 3,500 calories. To regain 3 pounds, you would have to eat 10,500 calories over what your basal metabolic rate is. You would have passed out or had to call an ambulance before being able to do that. Whatever you do, don't step on the scale for a couple of days or you will freak yourself out. All of the extra salt and carbs will make you retain water like crazy. Until all this food is out of your system, stepping on the scale would not be a true measure of anything. Water and waste is not fat.

One night of overeating is not what does us in. It's beating ourselves up over it and then just throwing in the towel. As long as it's an isolated incident, it doesn't matter that much to your weight loss progress.

More important is figuring out why it happened so it remains an isolated incident. Why were you at a buffet? For me, that would be like setting up a free bar tab for an alcoholic. Until you have a better handle, perhaps a better idea would be to avoid such tempting situations. Were you "celebrating" your success? I know food was always used as a treat when I was a child, so I wrestle with that subconsciously. A new scarf or a manicure are good ways of celebrating milestones and a way of reprogramming. Are you feeling too deprived? Did you make changes too quickly or too many at a time? Just some ideas to bounce around.

Hang in there. It has happened to all of us. But with the holidays upon us, you will do well to come up with some more proactive strategies. Today is a new day to make healthier choices. Oh, and did I say not to step on the scale for a few days?

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (250,566)
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12/1/12 11:05 P

Don't be so hard on yourself. This happens to a lot of us, but guess what!!! A LOT of us have still managed to reach our goals - me included. Look on the bright side - you didn't eat EVERYthing that you put on your plates!! A BIG plate of salad but no dressing - that was GOOD! You only drank water - THAT was good too!!! So if you look at it overall, you actually saved yourself a lot of calories by the wise choices you DID make.

This is ONE day. I wouldn't be bothered tracking today's other than just a few things that you KNOW what it was, and remember, tomorrow is a new day - track again and be mindful of what and how much you eat.

You never know, you could even use your Buffet dinner in a positive way of what NOT to do in future! ;-)


TEAANA SparkPoints: (1,956)
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12/1/12 10:52 P

Long story short, i ate too much at dinner tonight. It was a buffet and i had about 5 plates of food including a plate full of desserts.
The positives: i did not clean every plate. I took bites of all the things i was craving, and stopped when i felt satisfied that i'd had enough of each food. Ditto for the desserts, the plate was half full when i was done, just 1-3 bites of every item. Also, i ate a big plate of salad first, no dressing and only drank water. It was definitely a binge and i ate WAY more than i needed to and kept on after i was full. I did, however, eat much less than i would have previously, and i made some slightly better choices.
I am pretty ashamed of myself, especially since i had a three lb weight loss as of this morning. I feel like my binge just canceled out all my progress.
There's also the issue of tracking my calories. One of my goals this month was to track everything i've eaten every day. How can i when i didn't keep track of the quantities on my plate? How do i know how many calories were in the foods i ate? I'm not even sure of what all i ate. Ugh what to do? And how do i recover? I was feeling so positive and now i just feel defeated.

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