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73SUPER Posts: 320
9/15/14 2:48 P

I don't go nuts tracking everything on Spark People.. mostly weight. I write (yes, in a journal or notebook) everything I do.. eat, exercise (cardio and non-aerobic).. just the way I do it.. for myself.

GRAVELRIDGEBOY SparkPoints: (36,875)
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8/1/14 3:48 P

It sounds like you need to get a heart monitor that tells you how many calories you burn during your workout. Then you will know for sure if you are doing a light day or a heavy day workout and can input it correctly. Polar Heat monitors are the ones I like.
Good Luck

WARMSTRONG2 SparkPoints: (438,124)
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7/20/14 10:53 A

1 hour driving range

EVILCECIL Posts: 90,245
7/20/14 10:06 A

Since a lot of my workouts are similar I use the grouping feature and then it's one click and I can tweak times etc.

NSCARNEY Posts: 339
7/14/14 8:40 P

When I try to add a strength exercise that isn't in the SparkPeople database, the form asks me to input how many calories I burned doing the move. I know how many sets & reps I did, and how much weight I lifted each set, and how long it took me to do all my sets, but how do I figure out how many calories I used??????

44_AND_LEAN Posts: 312
2/2/14 7:49 A

Indeed it is! I like the SparkPeople app, I just wish the way they tracked strength training was set up differently. Like GolfPro said, "how you track it, doesn't change the actual work done." I know I did it, even If I don't put it in the app.

BANNERMAN SparkPoints: (360,623)
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2/2/14 2:25 A

Tracking is important. I use my laptop, and it is tedious to some extent. In that software you can add items to cover all your workout varieties.

There are better apps than Sdparkpeople for tracking your workouts I believe.
As they say, "Free is a good price.

44_AND_LEAN Posts: 312
2/1/14 10:53 P

No, I'm not saying that at all. I think you've waaaay over stated my point. It wasn't a personal attack, just an observation.

This is how I see it. Chances are you are in fact going to do a specific "generic" workout with a specific number of exercises and at specific weights. Are you going to change the workout every three or so week? Probably. So, for the next three weeks I want to be able to say that I did 2 sets of 10 lat pull downs on a machine--which I can't find in the list of exercises--with 80lbs of weight. I should be able to enter exactly that. The useless part is that I must then enter a duration. My whole work out took 28 minutes including rests between reps. Why is it important that I enter how much time I spent doing the one exercise. Strength training isn't cardio, just like "using a rowing machine is different than riding a bike," duh. So why is it required to enter a time?

Lastly, I am talking about the iPhone app here. I track my cardio and food every day. It's not "useless/tedious," its necessary. Fact is I don't agree with that part of the app and I don't use it.

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GOLFPRO SparkPoints: (65,001)
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2/1/14 9:40 P

I disagree.

Are you saying that all workouts are created equal and you should just enter a generic "workout"? Do you burn the same calories if you lift 10 pounds as when you lift 100 pounds?

Running a mile is different than walking a mile. Using a rowing machine is different than riding a bicycle. That's like saying that tracking food is tedious. You should just be able to track "vegetables", "fruits", "meat", or "carbs". That wouldn't be accurate since everything has a different value. You don't HAVE to track anything. Don't use it if you don't agree with it. But if you want to be accurate then you should appreciate the ability to track each individual exercise. It tells you exactly what you did. It doesn't approximate the results.

If you think it's useless/tedious then you should just track everything as "cross training". But realize that, how you track it, doesn't change the actual work done. It will be a false report of what you did. If you want accurate reports then you need accurate tracking.

44_AND_LEAN Posts: 312
2/1/14 9:13 P

I don't like the way SparkPeople wants me to track my workout. It's tedious. Why would I enter each exercise and the time I did them. I think they could improve this part. I do 20-30 minutes of strength training 3 times a week, but I don't track it.

Anyone else feel this way?

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