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3/17/14 3:40 P

All juice should be tracked. Depending on the quantity used, it can greatly impact weight.

If you have a juicer that spits out the pulp, skin, fiber---then you are missing out on some of the nutrients and the fiber benefit.

Estimate about 60 calories for a 1/2 cup portion of fruit juice and 20 calories for a 1/2 cup portion of vegetable juice. And zero fiber. If your are mixing both fruits and veggies together--then use 40 calories for every 1/2 cup consumed.

Now if you have a high powered juicer that pulverizes the skin, pulp, etc---then you are getting the benefit of all nutrients and fiber. You can then use the actual food listing in the data base for an accurate count.

Does this help?
Dietitian Becky

MOEROXXS Posts: 397
3/17/14 1:16 P

I was just wondering how most people track their juice?

I was thinking of listing all the fruits and veggies I put in but since I am not actually eating the carrots, kale, apples, ect it would not be correct. I did see it did list juice for items but it was in measurements. I don't measure out each type of fruit or veggie once in juice form. Which than got me thinking even if there was an option that said 1 juiced carrot who is to say it would be correct. My Omega juicer definitely gives better results than my Jack Lalanne did.

I know I am over thinking this haha. I would like some direction on how most people track their juicing.

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