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10/11/13 4:59 P

Take a deep can do this!

Saving things to favorites will help you a lot. Once the things that you typically eat are easier to find, the sailing gets smoother. You can do this with exercise too.

I used this site for more than a year before I discovered groupings, so don't feel bad! If there are groups of things that you often eat together or exercises that you often do together, you can save them as groups and only have to check one box.

It sounds like, in general, you are being too specific in your searches and you need to think a bit more broadly. Lots of specific things aren't listed. For example, you won't find Zumba listed in the exercise tracker, but you will find cardio dance.

I wonder if T-TAPP would be analogous to yoga or pilates in terms of calories burned. That might be a good question for the exercise forum.

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10/11/13 4:30 P

Try searching for a generic term like "milk". Once you've found the type of milk you're looking for THEN you can adjust the quantity. I live in Canada so we don't typically use ounces to measure; simply typing something like "250 ml to oz" into Google will give me an instant conversion into whatever unit Spark has listed.

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10/11/13 2:52 P

I track my food, along with my mood and daily activity. I prefer to keep a written journal-mine is just a cute sprial notebook. I find this easier than the one here since there is no way I can type in my food in the meal section and need to search for everything on a list-very time consuming.

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10/11/13 2:29 P

Thanks everyone! I will try it again, but it's going to have to wait till tomorrow---today is Crazy Bizzy!!

Hey Lori---I LOVE the photo of you with the dolphin!

Have a great afternoon all!


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10/10/13 2:04 A

I was a real computer illiterate when I joined, too, but found that in no time at all I was flying. I am sure that you will manage to find your way around too.

Good luck, and keep plugging away :-)
Kris xxx

10/10/13 1:58 A

Do both.

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10/9/13 10:27 P

I teach computer software classes, and I was overwhelmed by the SP website too when I first joined. You will catch on! It will get better. Just keep asking questions. You are doing the right thing.

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10/9/13 10:09 P

Thank you Becky.

10/9/13 7:55 P

Don't give up, we are here for you.

Check out this video on how to use the nutrition tracker:

We also have videos on how to use the fitness tracker.

And for your milk example:
Type in the word --milk
Select 2%
Then you will see an area you can enter amount.

your SP Registered Dietitian

4TRUMAMA Posts: 14
10/9/13 4:51 P

Hi---I am brand new to this, so I hope you will bear with me. I am also probably a little computer illiterate compared to many of you.

I am finding this website a little overwhelming. It seems like a wonderful idea, but there is sooo much information, and it all seems so crammed together...I am finding myself becoming intimidated, which seem ridicules, and that makes me feel like a complete idiot.

Just now for example, I tried to log my food for the day so far. For breakfast I started with half a cup of two percent milk, (taken to get my Mobic down). When I typed in "1/2 cup two percent milk" the thing told me I couldn't use numbers, only letters. so I typed "Two percent milk", which brought a long drop down of different types of two percent milk, but only in whole cup measurements.

I'm also not able to log my exercise of choice, which is T-Tapp.

I'm wondering if there is any hope for me? Should I just track in a notebook and use the site for motivation and tips?

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