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6/4/12 4:01 A

Try weighing in again anyway. There's no way someone of your current weight should register so low a burn for 'low impact aerobics'. There's a problem in the system and weighing in again might fix it.

6/4/12 2:35 A

129kg is the last weigh in. since changinf my exercise plan to weekly 30 mins cardio a day, my range dropped.. i can only go by what the sp pages tell me

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6/4/12 1:39 A

I would suspect your most recent weigh-in has a typo in it?

When you accidentally do something like weigh in with 42lbs instead of 142lbs, you get phenominally low calorie burns reported.

Try weighing in again with a current correct weight - that'll cancel out any old typo.

6/3/12 10:57 P

if going through my tracker to add exercises, go add cardio find the appropriate one and put in how many minutes, the total burnt is way lower than it should be
for example low impact cardio work out gives me 40 cals burnt for 12 mins of workout.. when infact i can enter it manually with my weight of 248 pounds it says i burnt 142 for that same workout. what do i use?

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6/3/12 9:24 P

Where do you see 15 cals and where do you see 142? You're not very clear about those parts of the site.

Low impact aerobics, depending on your body weight, would probably burn in the region of 6-7 cals per minute, so 11 minutes would be around 70-90 calories. That makes the 142 much more realistic than the 15.

6/3/12 7:55 P

how do i work out calories burnt during any particular exercise.. 11 min low impact says i only burn i think 15 cals.. is that for real?? if how ever i go to the work it out part and put in my weight that same excersice burns 142 cals.. whats up with that

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6/3/12 6:41 P


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6/3/12 4:03 P

Quick Tracker, which can be enabled on your home page if you dont have it, is for recording those non-cardio, non-strength exercise. You'll get credit for the minutes spent.

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6/3/12 10:02 A

Hi, S

There are several ways to do it, depending on what info you want to track. You can enter it as a user-entered exercise on your strength or cardio tracker, or if it doesn't really fit into either of those categories and you're not trying to count calories burned on the yoga, you can include in your fitness minutes tracker--just give it a name and enter the time spent.

Hope this helps.

Coach Dean

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6/3/12 3:15 A

Where can we track the alternate fitness activity like yoga that isn't vinyasa or ashtanga?

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