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2/6/13 6:38 A

Thanks for the input and for clearing that up for me! :)

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2/5/13 2:27 P

Most people track dumbbells as 1. You enter the weight of each individual dumbbell as the "weight" even though you lifted two. This is the same regardless of whether you do a two-arm bilateral move like a chest press or a single arm unilateral move like a single bicep curl.

But ultimately, as Heather said, the value entered doesn't change anything. So just do it any way that makes sense to you, because all it's there for is for you to look back over time and see how you did. So it only has to make sense to you.

2/5/13 10:53 A

I was actually wondering the same thing this morning.

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2/5/13 10:53 A

10. You're not lifting 20 lbs. Each arm has 10. If they were on a barbell, then you would track 20, because you're lifting the whole thing together. ;)

Realistically, it doesn't change the calorie burn or anything (it's just a token amount based on time) so what matters is that you're consistent whichever way to choose to go.

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2/5/13 10:40 A

Quick question...when tracking reps & sets in the Fitness Tracker when I workout with dumbbells do I base the weight on one weight or 2?

For example, if I do chest press with 10 pound dumbbells, when the Fitness Tracker asks for the weight, is it 10 pounds or 20 (since I use two dumbbells)?

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