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2/15/14 8:33 A

I still do it 2 years in! Sometimes I end up over calculating, sometimes under. I guess it all roughly evens out in the end.

There's so many factors that affect how many calories you're burning and how many you're taking in, from human error; mistakes while measuring, wrong nutritional information (I've noticed here in Canada nutrition labels tend to overestimate especially when it comes to restaurant food), etc. Besides that we don't know exactly how many calories we're burning at any given time. Most of these mistakes are minor and don't really make a difference, it's the trend over time.

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2/15/14 8:13 A

Definitely have done that! But if I deviate from a recipe, then something that helps is to enter it in on the recipe calculator here and then figure out how much you had from there. That way you get a better idea rather than guessing.

For restaurant meals, I pick the closest thing I can find if it isn't listed (more so at local places that definitely don't have nutrition info posted!)

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2/15/14 12:44 A

There have been many silly blunders but I don't sweat them - especially when I first started out, the act of tracking was really more important than the exact number - the biggest blunder was that sometimes I clicked on a food from the list and the numbers were WAY off - some people must have accidentally put stuff in - like the hamburger that was 4 oz. and only had 30 calories - we ALL know that isn't REAL but when tracking, at the beginning I didn't always look at the numbers to see if they made any sense. Eggs are hard to track accurately unless you know what size they really are. Some of the hardest things are the casseroles and stews that each person makes slightly differently. I estimate and do the best I can and move on from there. I do measure and weigh foods but some things have combinations that are hard to get accurate measures on. One of my favorites is someone put something like "Chinese buffet - 2 full plate" and just posted it as 5000 calories - I have used that even without the breakdown of fats, proteins, etc. on occasion because I KNOW I went WAY over but don't know how far over but figure it probably wasn't MORE THAN 5000 calories and if it is that high, I also KNOW it is way over on sodium, fat, and carbs.

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2/14/14 10:18 P

Back when I first started to lose weight in 2009, I was on Weight Watchers. One of the WW requirements (Good Health Guidelines) is to eat two teaspoons of healthy oil per day. Unfortunately, I misread it, and had two TABLESPOONS of oil instead. Whoopsie!

More recently, I discovered that this particular brand of eggs we have (I eat eggs 6 days a week, sometimes multiple times a day) are not large eggs (as I had been tracking). They are EXTRA large.

Anyone here make some pretty silly goofs when starting to count calories?

Who knows? Maybe I'm making one of those mistakes too, and don't even realize it!

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