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VEEBEE8 Posts: 49
9/24/13 5:19 P

Sounds like a good idea, though personally I like to make sure I'm getting enough of the right macronutrients too, so I think I'll stick to just tracking everything..

BLBST36 Posts: 351
9/24/13 1:40 P

I'm confused. If you are already noting the calories, then why not just enter the food? How else would you know that you have 2000 daily calories?

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9/24/13 1:27 P

@Anarie, each serving is one calorie so if I consumed 2000 daily calories it would be 2000 one calorie servings. This is just a quick workaround to get the ball rolling, but of course tracking the exact foods consumed is the way to go ideally, but if someone is really pushed for time a good first step at least for me at this point is just tracking daily calories consumed. By the way, I am an avid user of after reading a great article about them in Consumer Reports, but I found like I have with, inputting data exactly be it foods, exercise, etc took an inordinate amount of time too, but to each his own.

ANARIE Posts: 13,192
9/23/13 3:25 P

But how do you know how many serving of "daily calories" you've had if you don't track the specific foods you ate? You still have to count and add up the calories somehow, so it seems to me that you might as well enter the foods here, so you also have all the other nutritional information, not just calories.

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9/23/13 2:49 P

I wanted to share an easy way to track your daily calories which involves just creating a new grouping named "Daily Calories" and then creating an extra meal category named "Daily Calories" which is much easier to set-up than the below instructions would seem at first glance.

First, to create a new grouping go to the "MY TRACKERS" tab and click on "my Nutrition" in the drop-down menu. Then click on the "Groupings" tab above the "Search" field. Then click on "Create a new Grouping" and click on "Add Food To This Grouping" and click on "Enter a Food Not Listed" which will open up a screen called "Create A Food Not Listed" where all you have to do is type in "Daily Calories" in the "Name Your New Food:" field and type in "1" for the "Serving Size" and type in "1" for the "Calories" too and then click on "Save Food" and then click on "Add Food" where you should see a message saying "You Have Just Added: Daily Calories: 1 item to your group" and then click on "Close" and then click on "Next" and on this next screen type in "Daily Calories" in the "Name Your New Food Grouping" and click on "Save Food Grouping".

Second, to create an extra meal category called "Daily Calories" go to the same "MY TRACKERS" tab and click on "my Nutrition" in the drop-down. Then below the date in the "Track Your Food" section click on "Tracker Options" and click on "Add an extra meal category" then click on the "Add an Extra Meal Category" link and a small window will pop-up and in this window type in "Daily Calories" in the "New Extra Meal Category" field and scroll down by clicking the down arrow in this window and click on "SAVE SETTINGS" and then click on the next button labeled "SAVE SETTINGS" which will bring you back to your "my Nutrition" page where you will see "Daily Calories" added at the bottom of your meals section below the Snack meal category.

Now to add your total daily calories click on "Groupings" above the "Search" field like before and click on the empty selection box to the left of "Daily Calories" which should add a checkmark selecting this grouping and then type in the total daily calories in the box that displays a "1" between the "Edit Grouping" and meal drop-down menu box with "Daily Calories" already selected. For example, if my total calories for that day was 2000 then all I would type in was "2000" and then click on "Add Selected Groupings to Tracker" which would then be displayed in the "DAILY CALORIE TOTALS:" in the "Daily Calories" meal under the "Snack" meal category. Interestingly, a number of groupings could be made under this "Daily Calories" meal such as "Breakfast", "Lunch", "Dinner", "Snack", "Coffee Break", etc following the above first procedure for adding a new grouping where all you would have to do is add the total calories for each of these groupings and then they would be totaled if you wanted to get a better feel for the number of calories consumed at each meal, snack etc, but for me I just have the time to enter my total daily calories at one time.

I know these instructions seem quite long and tedious, but I wanted to make sure I put in the exact detailed instructions and button clicks that worked for me at the time of this posting to make it as easy to follow along as possible. It goes without saying that tracking by adding the exact foods you are consuming is the best way to go, but if you are like me and pressed for time this might be a good workaround for you and yours to remain healthy and happy until you can find the time to exactly record all the foods your are consuming.

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