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1/12/13 12:55 P

We have trac phone...our third one actually. There was nothing wrong w/ the other two we just up graded the phone (@20$ for each new phone ). We bought minutes thru Trac phone site the first and second time. Then we found this touch screen with triple min. for life for $57. on Amazon, just before Christmas. We had priced at Walmart and other stores. Amazon beat them with this phone. It looks expensive and you can down load music, play games, viedo record, take pic., text, ect. just like the fancier phones. Not sure I'll ever down load music, may viedo something sometime though.
Anyway found this to be a deal as One yr. of minutes thru the Trac site is $99. But here we got the phone, triple minutes (meaning any minutes you put on it will triple). and this touch screen phone all for $57! Liked it so well we bought a second one(it was a dollar cheaper with the same features/set up).
We've a land line, and may keep it. But the trac phones we have traveled with and the reception is good. You are sent a few messages when your minutes are almost gone, to remind you how many days you have left. You also can sign up for monthly contracts. We haven't done that.
I like the trac phone for what it commitment unless you choose to do their contracts. We just buy what we need. Only problem we have is using up the mintues in time as I only use the phone occasionally when I'm out shopping, or we travel. My husband will use it to call from work, or while heading home. Our oldest son has texted me a few times to show me I can text..haha. It's nice phone but like I said using up the mintues in the alotted time is sometimes difficult. If you used it every day, it probalby won't be a problem, and you had the mintues to do it.
Hope it helps.

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12/29/12 8:12 P

They did a consumers report on our local news the other day about prepaid phones. The end result was they thought the ones at Walmart were the best choice. I'm going to look into that now.

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12/29/12 3:42 P

I had a Tracphone for over three years, I could call other States and was very clear the sound, also was convenient for me to use the prepaid cards. The last two cards I bout they dint work, they wanted me to call and buy another phone or plan, anyways I got a Tmobil at Target and prepay about 100$ at year, that works for me.

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12/13/12 11:29 P

I used to use a Tracphone but I've let it go. I'm looking into Jitterbug Plus phones now. Thier plans are reasonable and you get to talk to a live operator if you need help.

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12/12/12 9:24 P

I've not used a TracPhone but do use Consumer Cellular. You might look into whether they are available in your area. No contracts, very reasonable rates and great customer service. Several members of my family (self included) use them and have done so for 5-10 years.

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12/1/12 3:17 P

I don't have one but I was thinking about getting one. I saw them advertised on HSN or QVC and it sure looked like a good deal and the map of coverage looked pretty good too. I know I'm wasting money because I don't use anywhere near the amount of minutes etc that my Sprint plan gives me each month.

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12/1/12 5:19 A

Any body on here have a trac fone instead of a regular cell phone with a contract? I just closed my account with verizon as I found I was just wasting money, I dont' use the phone unless I travel and in town I never use it, so I was wasting about $400.00 a year or more, so I closed the verizon accuont, but I Find I need a phone at times now, anyone have a trac fone and does it pick up in other states?

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