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7/21/12 11:20 A

LOL- funny.

I have a new-found personal appreciation for these types of fitness sports events, since I became more active. The "cheating" is unfortunately prevalent in every sport at the highest level, but I really do marvel at what these athletes can accomplish.

Oh well- glad that the Olympics are up next.

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7/20/12 9:54 A

Sorry maybe if they raced down hill with spikes and Jousted, it looks like if anyone wins from the US they think they are on drugs or steriods.

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7/19/12 2:47 P

Nobody else is watching, eh?

Well, when I am ready to veg out at 9 pm, watching Tour highlights has been the ticket for me.

What a great summer for bigtime international sporting events: Euro 2012, Tour, and next up Olympics!

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7/18/12 8:37 A

Anyone else watching it?

I've never really paid attention to it other than checking the leaderboard in the newspaper and seeing if LeMond or Lance won. It's on NBC Sports Network incessantly this year though, so it's sucked me in a bit.

I didn't realize there were all of these "races within the race", like best sprinter, king of the mountain, etc. It's interesting to see guys like Peter Sagan win stages, lead in points, and yet apparently be nowhere near the overall somehow!

Not sure I understand it, but it is a cool event.

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