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9/28/12 9:11 P

Today started out nice, was up early and out of the door on time. Stopped for my morning coffee and watched the sun come up on my drive. Even stopped for a bit to enjoy the site. Work became crazy, I ended up taking things to personal and became frustrated.

Came home and my other half no where to be found and no note. Couldn't find the energy to go to the pool, which closes early on Fridays. Sat and thought about what food I could eat that would make this day better. Key word is thought.

Then I found myself on Sparkpeople just reading post and blogs. The day started looking better. Pool was closed by this time, so I headed for a small lake/pond I walk sometimes. Put on my headset and walked a mile. Today may of been tough, however I didn't stress eat and I stayed with in my calories. People I don't know, will never meet carried me through. Thank all of you.

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