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10/21/12 11:53 A

Are you measuring yourself? Some of the weight could be muscle weight from the workouts. I've always heard that on top of weighing yourself you should also be taking your measurements.

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10/21/12 10:27 A

I can relate to you being in your 50's. That is part of my issue, I think. But, it can still be done. I know that; just hard to keep motivated at times!!

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10/21/12 9:24 A

I am at a point where I am not as motivated, maybe if I didn't think so much about it. But a couple of years ago I almost lost my mom and she told me I better lose weight so that I do not have the chance to go through what she did with diabetes and all. I saw that my mom being overweight did not help with surgeries and all. So here I am walking and have been over a year, I live up north so when I could not go outside I went on my treadmill. I know my eating has been about the same or a little less. I need help with my saddlebags and my pooch (belly). Now I truly believe that age plays a big factor, and I did notice that I got my belly fat in the 50's but how can I firm that out without surgery. I know I can do it but does living in an area that is colder and snowy make a difference? I noticed that everyone lives in a warmer climate than mine??? and I see what can be done...

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10/21/12 8:49 A

Over 80% of weight management is about what you eat and how much. I empathize with your frustration. Your best path is to leave the frustration behind and use the knowledge that you gained to ramp up your efforts and mindful choices.

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10/21/12 8:20 A

I started this program in June and have gained 6 pounds. I did the 28 day challenge and actually lost two but gained it back. Has this happened to anyone else???? It's hard to stay motivated.
I am working to eating toward the lower end of my calorie range......did that 4 out of 7 days last week. I did go over my calorie count x 2 days though.
I'm going out of town next week but will do the 28 day challenge again when I get back. However, I'll keep exercising, eating 5 servings of fruits/veggies, and drinking water (always a hard one for me).
Tempted to get diet pills but don't really want to go that route.

Thanks for listening:} It does help to unload.

Back to it!

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