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3/6/14 6:55 A

I had a total knee replacement 10-23-13. I try to get to the gym 2-3 times a week. I find it hard to motivate myself. My hubby and I drive to work together so when I get out of work we go home, eat and then I find it hard to get motivated to go back into town. I do walk 15 minutes at work every day.

This winter has been atrocious for me! I have seasonal disorder and with all this snow/cold I am in FULL hibernation mode!

I have discovered that I don't have the full "bend" but I keep doing my stretching exercises...the PT said once you "break" that point you'll be fine. I do wake up stiff in the morning, feeling like a band is around my knee, I still have some swelling that occurs too.

I had RNY in 2009 and lost 105 #s, gained back 30 in the past year (broken foot - 12 weeks limitations then TKR). I would like to lose at least another 80 #s. Now with my new knee and spring right around the corner I am looking forward to nightly walks and bike rides with my hubby. :)

The one thing I want to SHOUT about is that I haven't rode an upright bike in over THREE years and now I can! WOOT!!!

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11/10/13 10:40 P

Hi Karen. I had a total hip replacement at the end of May. I take a water exercise class two times a week at the local YMCA. Water exercise burns more calories and does not put as much strain on your joints as other types of exercise.

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11/10/13 2:54 P

Hi, I've had both my knees replaced as well, and need to lose about 60 pounds. I walk on the treadmill, often with an incline, and do various workouts with weights and things. I've been working with a trainer since July, which helps a lot. Can you do an inclined treadmill? Exercises that involve a lot of arm movements can get your heart rate up too. How about swimming, or water exercise? After each replacement, they had me doing water aerobics, and that worked out pretty well.

Good luck!!!

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10/29/13 1:43 P

I had both of my knees replaced two years ago. As always check with your doctor first. I do the elliptical machine, treadmill, bike and ST but I can not lift over 25 lbs. doctor's orders. Keep at it and the weight will come off. I also work with a personal trainer once a week to keep me on point and to give me new ideas.

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10/27/13 1:01 P

I had both knees replaced and then I COULD lose weight. I couldn't walk before.

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10/27/13 1:42 A

I have both knees done , I need to lose 100 lbs , so I'm on track to be aware of what I need stay focus.
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10/24/13 6:52 P

Talk to your doctor about getting a physical therapy referral for a few sessions. Your insurance will probably cover it as it is to promote wellness. PT can give you some good exercises to help you out and pointers to prevent any injury. I know that water exercises knocks out the knees and if you have good range of motion cycling is a non-weightbearing activity. Also seeing a nutritionist might be a good idea. I have seen in some posts on SP that people do this when they hit a difficult plateau in their weight. emoticon

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10/23/13 7:01 P

emoticon Best of luck!!!! emoticon

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10/23/13 6:53 P

I just started back ST I am working on my legs and arms, trying to do sit ups at the gym on one of the machines.I also do cardio at the gym on the cross trainer. Thanks for the advice.

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10/23/13 6:42 P

BIGKAREN2: Hopefully, one of the professionals on this site, or one of the members with similar experiences, can give you some helpful advice.

Perhaps, a well-orchestrated regimen of strength-training can be part of your weekly exercising, along with your walking? However, maybe you are already doing ST? I don't know how ST affects your knees. I do believe that ST can be an integral part of one's fitness regimen, though. It's not that cardio isn't important, but sometimes adding significant ST can help one in overall weight loss. Or if not in the immediate weight loss, can help one maintain.

I am not a fitness expert, so I advise that everyone should check with a doctor before engaging in any kind of exercise. Best of luck!

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10/23/13 6:26 P

Hi I am a 53 years old. I have had both my knees replaced since I was 42. I want to loose 50 pounds. I have lost 100 pounds in 2 years. I go to the gym almost everyday but I am limited to the workout I can do. I can't run or do to many things that require me to get down on my knees or even bend them to much. My current weight is 207. I eat pretty healthy. I do like peach cobbler once in a while.I am stuck at 207 for the last month do any one have any ideals how I can workout better and get the scale moving back down.I do walk 2 miles every day,I try to speed up the walking time everyday.

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