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3/31/14 10:06 A

I'm so sorry about your knee - and I totally understand. I broke my ankle (fibula) almost three weeks ago. I'm stuck in a cast and on crutches.

I'm having a hard time with food, too. I feel like I'm starving all the time! I don't necessarily feel like I am overeating - but I am eating food that I would not have been eating before. Lots of bland stuff like bread, crackers, rice, etc. And I can't weigh myself with the cast on!

I am definitely feeling blue and all of the things I normally do to cheer myself up - running, hiking, shopping, cooking I am not able to do.

I wish you the best!! Please feel free to say hello, I would love to have a buddy who "gets" it. Good luck!


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3/31/14 8:19 A

The first thing I do whenever I'm incapacitated and can't exercise like I'm used to doing... is adjust my Fitness (which then usually adjusts my calorie range to eat). And then I plan my eating in advance, to make sure I stay within my range. Also... if you're not tracking sodium, I'd suggest adding that to your tracker. Sometimes when we're sick or injured, the comfort foods we want are higher in sodium and could cause water retention. It looks like a gain on the scale, but it isn't "real" weight gain.

Also, pain meds are notorious for causing constipation-- could be a contributing factor.

But the bottom line is that weight loss is around 80% what/how much we eat. A person can lose weight without doing any exercise at all. Exercise is important for overall fitness and health. But not *necessary* for weight loss.

I'd agree that it's a good idea to look at the forced down time, as an opportunity to get caught up on some things like sorting the photos or a knitting project or reading that book you've been wanting to get to. Go through that pile of magazines. Enter all those recipes you've been meaning to, in Spark Recipes. Watch the zillion hours of some tv show you recorded. Read a ton of articles on Spark, browse youtube for chair exercises. If you're not on pinterest yet.... consider browsing around there. I could waste the better part of a day, just looking at stuff other people have pinned.

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3/30/14 4:15 P

So sorry to hear what you are going through!! I can relate(!)...had foot surgery early March and have 3 more weeks wearing a surgical shoe with pin in my toe and screws in several bones! Its a struggle--and the more so for you, because this wasn't pre-planned. At least I knew it was coming....

Don't fret about the weight gain... My experience from the meds was weight gain as well. I think when we are traumatized/stresses our bodies retain as much water as possible, and hang on to e-v-e-r-y--s-I-n-g-l-e--c-a-l-o-r-I-e!! LOL Just eat as healthy as you can; drink plenty of fluids and hang in thar!

My best advice is to just accept this time period as "down time" and an investment in your future good health!!

I expect/hope you will be working with a Physical Therapist on the knee itself after surgery...they can also help with other exercise advice!! Depending on restrictions --and WITH the approval of your surgeon--you might be able to add in some of the short Coach Nicole SEATED videos at that time...cardio, resistance band, core.... I've found there are some movements that require stabilization from knees/feet though, so do be very careful. Your focus needs to be healing up right the first time. There will time for exercise later....

Be sure to get some "recovery time" projects lined up...! Tackle a new crochet project; re-do the vacation photos...research somewhere you'd like to old friends...Spark to your heart's content...there's no end....

Take care!! This too shall pass...

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3/30/14 2:31 P

I am sorry to hear about your injury. The good news is that healthy living is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise. Now may be a great time to focus on your eating habits. You maybe can't exercise right now but you can make wise choices. And be sure to stay within your calorie ranges. Be sure you take out any exercise calories you added while you are temporarily incapacitated.

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3/30/14 6:58 A

I tore my knee ligament and have some other knee issues to go along with the pain. I go back to the specialists this Wednesday. I continue to work as a veterinary technician which puts a load on my knees daily. I am waiting on my bone scan results that I had done three days ago. I feel like bad because I can't do any cardio, extra walking or even riding my bike. The medication I was taking for pain made me sick so I was eating grams and other types of crackers which made my stomach feel better. Now I find myself gaining weight and can't exercise. Surgery will be scheduled soon but in the mean time I am feeling blue.

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