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7/17/14 11:58 P

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5/26/14 12:14 P

Dear ChefsWife: I can empathize with both the repeated injuries (I've sprained my left ankle so often that.... well, I don't know). And exercise has been important for me as well in losing weight - I used to really burn those calories in 4-6 times per week classic 80's style aerobics. Then I hurt my back and it's been a big struggle ever since. What kind of shoes do you usually wear? I used to wear health- care - style professional clogs, the heavy kind with the inch thick hard sole, and was always turning my ankle in them as there's no give if you accidentally step on a pebble. My podiatrist did more to help my feet/ankles than any MD ever did. I didn't want pain pill or be told to go swimming, which is all the MDs did. Do have the ankle checked out, though. I walked around for 3 days on a broken foot (clog accident) before going to the ER, then was told by the ER doc that I didn't need further treatment. Two days later this guy called and told me I should really come in and get a 'boot', and no charge for the extra ER visit. My podiatrist disapproved of that type of boot (what did I know), and I now have an achy arthritic left foot. I ditched the $120/pair clogs. The podiatrist can recommend the right type of shoe for your feet and ankles. Stability is everything! Good luck. emoticon

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5/22/14 12:39 A

Having had two foot surgeries this year, I can emphasize with the desire to walk/move/feel good.... And Coach Nicole Seated Videos ARE great!! Glad you found them....

However...please don't be too hasty in 'putting down' the great advice about the relationship of weight gain to food/nutrition you've been given. Many folks on this site have lost substantial (!) weight without doing ANY exercise!!

Ditto for the doctor consult!! When was the last time you consulted your doctor about your weight gain? If its been awhile since you've checked in...have you considered that your health might be changing.... Many health issues manifest in weight gain--thyroid, pre-diabetes, stress (cortisol) for example. If you've really been eating fairly well, and still seeing a weight gain, then its something for you to seriously consider!!
All the best,

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5/21/14 6:58 P

It's my right foot, too. My PT wanted me to start about 4 weeks after the initial tear, which we did together. I work in events and have my own business so it was difficult for me to rest between times and he said it was just going to take longer. I'm now just a business owner so I don't have the money for the PT anymore, but I still have his knowledge so I do what I can, but I miss running. I will say I walk very carefully now. :)
I did a chair exercise today that I found on the site. I'll check more of coach Nicole's videos. Thank you so much for your suggestions. It's much more helpful than being told that my problem is food related and that I have to wait to do anything before speaking to my doctor.
I'm on this site to help solve a problem, not be told what I'm doing wrong. I have an injury and I'm trying to work through it so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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5/21/14 5:30 P

I had a tendon repaired and ended up paying out of pocket for PT. Despite my insurance not approving it, it was important for me to be challenged.

I did gain weight because of inactivity -- 12 weeks of cast and boot before the first PT and still cannot do jumping jacks.

I've noticed that quite a few of coach Nicole's videos can be done seated and are filmed that way.

It's been nearly a year, so I sympathize with your frustration. I had to get hand controls installed on my car due to the fact that the damaged tendon affected my right foot.

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5/21/14 5:13 P

"The ankle is a joint that you can't not use for weeks on end to allow to heal because of walking so it takes FOREVER to heal. "

Yeah... my friends was on crutches for four months because of that. She did PT AFTER it healed and has been doing well for years now!

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5/21/14 2:05 P

I did go to a physical therapist, but things have changed and I am unable to go back. Love America's medical system. :) Anyway, I love to exercise but when it became impossible you start to lose motivation to take care of yourself in other ways. Of course I stopped worrying about nutrition. However, to lose weight I also know you have to include exercise. I am not looking for a quick fix. I know how to eat right, I know how to cook well, just curious if anyone has some exercises they might be interested in sharing beyond swimming.
When you tear a ligament, sorry it was actually my tendon, it will always be a bit weak so it's prone to tear again. The ankle is a joint that you can't not use for weeks on end to allow to heal because of walking so it takes FOREVER to heal. I know some strengthening exercises provided by my therapist, but would love some input from folks who may have had the same experience.

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5/21/14 11:12 A

"I've gained substantial weight "

That is more an eating issue than an exercise issue.

What did your doctor say about these repeated tears? What are you doing that causes them?

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5/21/14 6:20 A

The previous poster has given you some good advice. Have you talked to your doctor about it? If you're still having ankle issues they might be able to refer you to see a physical therapist who can design a set of exercises specific to your needs.

Coach Jen

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5/21/14 6:11 A

do not start exercising, especially with recurring problems, without the clearance of your doctor.

secondly, weight loss is mostly diet, so if you have gained weight, you need to be watching your nutrition more closely.

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5/21/14 1:14 A

I love to exercise, but after tearing my ankle ligament twice in a year I haven't been able to exercise to the best of my ability. I've gained substantial weight and still have a hard time exercising. Any suggestions that will help getting me back walking a lot and maybe back running? I do love to swim, but would love to get a run to two in per week.

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