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4/24/12 9:54 P

Welcome to SP. The very best to you on your journey.

VAL_LYNNE Posts: 750
4/24/12 9:41 P

Hi emoticon Welcome to Spark!

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4/24/12 6:48 P

EEKKK writing a message to the abyss is a scary deal! Recently I hit the bottom no I was not a addict but I do have depression I dont suffer from mental health I love daily knowing I am not alone and it takes more people to talk about the issues to really get acceptance.

It took the bottom (or what I now see as the bottom) for me to really take a look at my life as a whole and change it for the better. I have been taking care of my self nutrionally, physcally, mentally and spritulally. (I am not a ace speller so please forgive me there) Taking care of myself is something that I have never done before it is Scary stuff!!if I can be so blunt, when you are not use to doing something that all of the sudden you are feeling good about choices you are making and putting yourself first you dont' always know how to react!

Ok I am about to put this out there! YIKES! There is a delete button right for when I feel too exposed???

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