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2/20/14 8:04 A

Are you referring to where it says "exercise: (amount of cals burned)" on SP from your Fitbit?

For example, I just woke up about an hour ago and mine says "exercise: 76" and under that it says "total: 468". Now I certainly didn't exercise for 76 mins already this morning! This refers to the amount of calories I burned through activity (just general walking around and making my kids breakfast, morning chores, etc.) The total refers to how many calories I burned since 12am last night through activity and my BMR (basal metabolic rate; or calories burned performing the basic functions to be alive).

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,923
2/19/14 6:33 P

Does your Fitbit have moderately active minutes too? If you add those up, do them come closer to the 80 you're seeing on SP?

Coach Jen

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2/19/14 4:47 P

New to using a Fitbit. I have the flex and linked up my accounts just fine. I know the fitbit calculates all of the calories burned in a day. My confusion is on SparkPeople where in links it gives the steps, total calories, exercise etc. It also gives the minutes...where does that number come from exactly? My 'very active' minutes on Fitbit right now is 23, but on SparkPeople it's over 80. Does that basically account for all of the steps maybe? It just seems to be over calculating the minutes or something. I walk a little back and forth to work, but have a desk job, so cannot understand the 80. I've tried to research it some and not be the person that ask the obvious question, but can't seem to figure it out. Any insight is appreciated!

Jessica :)

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