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NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
1/5/13 8:22 A

i would say you should take a look at what you ate to push you over by noon and work on finding new solutions for the next time you find yourself in those situations. for the rest of the day, eat lightly but don't skip meals. skipping meals will just prime you to overeat tomorrow morning as well/

1/5/13 8:15 A

When I am in that situation I usually have a bowl of soup for dinner.

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1/5/13 8:14 A

Well, other than reflecting on why this in, is this happening regularly or just today?

But it does happen sometimes...on those days I switch my dinner to a good veggie salad with a lighter dressing...I won't skip dinner (that will make me crave snacks later), and the veggies and dressing while not being high in calories will have some, but its the lesser of evils I think.

FITVENTI Posts: 52
1/5/13 8:06 A

What do you do when you realize you are at your calorie allotment before dinner even rolls around?

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