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My guess is that your old accounts gave you a calorie range based on your exercise calories burned goal, while your new account is giving you a range based on how much exercise you've tracked. I did look up your account and you have 3 associated with the same email address. If you'd like to use one of the old accounts instead, send me a SparkMail and I can help you log in.

When you manually change the calorie range SP has given you, it doesn't automatically update your nutrient ranges- you have to manually change each of those as well. Are you doing a lot of exercise? The range you've been given does sound a little high based on your weight loss goal.

Coach Jen

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How was your account "lost" ??? A lot of people forget their username or how to log-in.

Are you male or female? This will make a difference. Some people actually make a little mistake when they sign up and put the wrong sex down and this can make that difference. Another thing that may have happened is that you may have indicated that you do lots more exercise than you did previously. This can make a difference, too.

Hopefully it is something as simple as one of these :-)


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I joined earlier this year and went without tracking 3 weeks and my account was lost. At this time my calories were between 1200 and 1400 there a bouts not exact but in the range. Now I have re established my account but my calorie intake amounts are 1680 to 2200 and that is way too high. I changed the calories to what it was before, however, the fat, carbs and protein are still the range for the higher calories and don't know what they should be for 1200 to 1400 calories. Who can eat that many calories and loose weight. I am only trying to loose 15 pounds. Please help I have looked everywhere for answers on here. Thank you so much.

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