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9/14/13 3:23 P

I see lots of good advice. I usually stay within my daily range for carbs/fat/protein. The fat tends to run high and the protein tends to run low. Something to look at. I bought the traditional (4.5 g of fat) greek yogurt and will give that a try however, my standard weekday breakfast is the high fiber english muffin, 2 T of almond butter and 1 T of raw honey.... then 2 hours later the FF greek yogurt.

It's probably all mental. When I am busy in the morning, my mind is occupied, therefore, no thinking about being hungry.

At first the thought of analyzing each meal for ratio of carbs/fat/protein is daunting, but I think it may help.

My pantry is stocked with healthy snacks, staples and flexible food choices for fast meals and slow cooking meals.

Thanks for the positive attitude and advice everyone.


RUSSELL_40 Posts: 16,826
9/12/13 12:16 P

I would bet that your light breakfast is high carb, and then you have yogurt, and then a wrap.

I agree with MEGAPEEJ, and might go a bit further. If you eat a lot of carbs quickly, your body will release Insulin, your blood sugar will drop, and you will be hungry. If you put more fat/protein in your diet, you won't have the hunger problem, and will be able to go longer between meals.

I eat @ 9 a.m, 4 p.m., and 11 p.m. with no snacks, 30 grams of carb each, and NO hunger. Since you will want to eat more carbs than I do, you would want more meals, but not too many at one time. You will want to have 5-6 meals, and less carbs at each meal than you currently consume, while also spacing the meals out evenly.

This huge amount of carbs we all eat at breakfast is unnecessary. Stop and look at the amount of carbs you are given. If it is 250 grams a day, then have 60 at the 3 meals, and 35 for 2 snacks. Pre-plan your meals, so you don't have 90 at breakfast. This will prevent a large Insulin release, followed by blood sugar dropping to 70, which will signal your body that it is hungry. Hunger = low blood sugar. Eating is how you counteract it, but if you overeat, especially carbs, Insulin is there to drop it back down.

Your goal is to keep blood sugars between 80-120 with diet, not hunger, and Insulin. Not too low, not to high. A mix of fat, protein, and carbs in proper amounts will do this.

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9/11/13 3:19 P

I think the key to staying full longer is having a larger breakfast. Breakfast for me is the largest meal of the day. I have a good sized breakfast full of fiber and about 400 calories, and then I can make it until lunch (4 hours later) because I had a good meal. Don't get me wrong, by lunch time I am hungry, but I don't need anything in between.

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9/10/13 10:04 P

Thank you for your words of wisdom. Congratulations on making and achieving your goals!


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9/10/13 9:13 P

"I am very guilty of hoarding my calories for the last half of the day. "

Oooo I used to do this too... knowing that I was "always famished by dinner" and "preferred to eat a lot at dinner/evening snacks" i would try and trim from my breakfast and lunch, and it was actually almost a little scary to allow myself to eat more during the day... "what if i ran out of calories for a sufficient dinner?!" Well I finally just thought, ok, IF I eat a couple hundred extra calories... the worst-case scenario is I'll find myself having to "go over" my range by a couple hundred calories in the evening. Big deal, still a calorie deficit. What's the harm in trying? And of course I discovered that, having eaten sufficiently at breakfast and lunch, I was hungry but NOT famished at dinner. I never had to go over my range. Keeping my hunger at bay through regular, nutritionally balanced meals actually made it easy to keep within my range, by banishing those "ravenous hunger" feelings from my life.

I'll add my support to those who suggest avoiding the "fat free" yogurt etc., a) it doesn't taste anywhere near as good, and b) they don't "hold you over" as well as something with a little fat.

EXOTEC Posts: 3,327
9/10/13 8:44 P

I agree with others who have suggested avoiding the low fat / no fat products. Good fats help curb hunger.

We eat bacon like candy around here. I bake the whole package and refrigerate the strips, then take them out for snacks.
Hard-boiled eggs are good as snacks, too.
When I want something crunchy, pork rinds. You can dip 'em like chips in whatever you like.

If you have access to one, and don't mind cooking, you could try bringing some homemade bone broths or stock to drink. That tends to be a bit more satisfying than tea or coffee ... probably, again, because it has some fat in it (if made properly!).

Veggies and dip are okay if you're only needing some filler... but they are less likely to squelch true hunger than these other things.

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9/9/13 9:20 P

Great advice all!

Yes, my breakfast was 300 calories, with a total calorie count of 650 by 3:30. I allowed myself to get too hungry and I am very guilty of hoarding my calories for the last half of the day.

Comes down to not being prepared with back up snacks and end loading my calories.

I will most definitely change to 2% greek instead of FF Greek yogurt. Great idea!

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9/9/13 8:55 P

I also agree with the member who suggested switching from a non-fat yogurt. Don't be afraid of fat! It's much more filling, and I think generally it tastes better as well. I usually aim for at least 2% Greek yogurt.

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9/9/13 8:37 P

It really does sound like you need to be eating more. "Light breakfast" sounds to me like 300 calories at most; a fat-free yogurt is probably only around 100; and while the salad or half-wrap could conceivably contain a decent number of calories and good amounts of protein or fat, it could just as easily not. To make a huge assumption, let me guess 400 calories for that.

That would put you at 800 calories for the first 2/3 of your day more or less (breakfast, lunch, one snack), which is really not much. (And I could easily be estimating high here.) Assuming (again) that you are trying to eat in the 1200-1550 range, then you'd have another approx 600 calories to go to hit about the middle of your range.

I'd suggest -- besides making sure fat and protein stay as high as is reasonable within your calorie goals, to increase satiety -- that you consider using some of those 600-ish calories up front at the start of the day. Having less left for dinner might seem scary, buy from personal experience it really can make a big difference to the rest of the day if you don't let yourself get over-hungry in the morning. That is, having only 400 calories left for dinner might work out just fine if you're not already starving at noon.

And especially if this is all very new to you, don't be afraid to eat a bit above your range to begin with, if you need to. Speaking as someone who's done it, cutting straight down to optimal weight-loss mode from a position of signficant over-eating can be a little rough for a while. I did manage it, and it did get better, but if it's causing problems, as it seems it may be doing for you, it doesn't necessarily have to be that way. People do just as well, even better sometimes, in the long run, if they cut their calories down much more slowly, a little bit at a time.

Whatever you go with, best of luck!

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9/9/13 7:51 P

Thanks for the reminders. Today was a perfect storm. I teach in an unairconditioned building with no windows (90 degrees today). It's Monday. Light breakfast and lunch and so by the time staff meeting was over (3:30) it was all over.

I did just get back from a 2.5 mile walk. Ending on a positive.
Thanks for the help!

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9/9/13 5:27 P

With the yogurt, I'd make it into more of a parfait with some fruit like frozen blueberries or peaches, granola, and even some flax seed. I'd also consider switching to the full fat greek yogurt since that will be much more filling.

For lunch, I agree with the suggestion of adding a lean protein (or 2) because that will keep you fuller until you can eat again. Maybe adding something like chickpeas in addition to a meat.

MEGAPEEJ Posts: 732
9/9/13 5:22 P

Without knowing too many details of what you're eating - I would suggest adding more protein and/or fat. It's filling and while it may have a few more calories, it leaves you satisfied for longer.

Light breakfast - add (or replace another item with) a hard boiled egg or 2.
Yogurt - pick a protein-rich Greek style yogurt.
Salad - add lean protein like chicken or tuna or beans or an egg, and use full fat dressing (but not a whole lot. Wrap - again, add lean protein.

And finally, is 1045 the last time you're able to eat, until 3? I know you already feel overloaded with snacks, but I would stash a box of granola bars or crackers in my desk, or just bring another snack. Especially if you're able to eat every 2 hours until then, and then not again for more than 4 - you're body is going to want food!

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9/9/13 5:19 P

Thanks for your response. I teach and am up early but waiting from 6 am til 10:45 for lunch is a long time, so I split up my breakfast into two meals.

The yogurt is greek nonfat.

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9/9/13 5:15 P

Thought 1: Eat more with each meal, especially the 8am yogurt. Is it just straight yogurt, no fruit/granola/etc?

Thought 2: Do you have a place to stash healthy, shelf stable snacks at work? I have a drawer full of dry soups, oatmeal packets, and dried fruit for when I get a snack attack. Peanut butter and some whole grain crackers are other things great to keep around.

Thought 3: Are you eating so close together because you're hungry (see Thought 1, if yes) or because of a medical reason?

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9/9/13 5:02 P

Problem: light breakfast at 6:00 am. yogurt at 8:00 am. salad or half a wrap with fat free tapioca at 10:45 am. 2:00 way too much hunger and I'm still at work. Causing overeating around 3:00.

I have to eat this because of my schedule. It's a pain to take so many food items to work - don't want to have to take another one for a 2:00 snack. Frustrated.

Help out there for someone like me? The hunger feeling is pretty strong. Drinking lots of water/greent tea throughout the day.

Appreciate the wisdom.....

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