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3/22/14 9:51 P

We have a dress code at our gym but it is so people don't leave their body sweat over everything in sight....the guys with the tiny tanks are the worst for not wiping the machine and showing the armpit hair.....ahahahah

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/22/14 7:13 P

Oh my heavens that video clip is priceless.

See, once again I ask, why did the woman in the pink tank top JOIN this "gym" in the first place. I would be running far and fast from that manager's attitude, not to mention the lunk alarm.

Again, very entertaining experience this thread has been. I had no idea such a Planet existed, as that.

SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 19,820
3/22/14 5:15 P


3/22/14 4:50 P

Funny Jason Jones interview of a bodybuilder and a planet fitness employee from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

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3/22/14 3:58 P

Why was this a headline ? People who go to gyms are routinely asked to leave if they are in violation of company policies. My gym has a no grunting, no dropping weights and proper clothing list of rules all members have to follow.

How did this woman get on the news ? She must complained to one of those local news action teams. You know, call X reporter if you feel you were wronged by a local business and they'll follow up if they think there is a story.

Must have been a really slow news day for this story to air.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,577
3/22/14 3:32 P

They are pretty vocal about their dress code. I googled the website and they had a picture of a fitness class with women dressed like the woman in the article. The commercial basically said "you (won't) find this at Planet Fitness.

If I own a business. And I put the dress code in plain writing. Then I can tell someone to put on more clothes, if I find they are in violation.

Besides that I have seen plenty of threads on Spark. Complaining about women in skimpy costumes with their hair and makeup done. Looking like the last thing they are planning on doing is exercising. Or maybe they will exercise after they take a selfie in the gym mirror.

IAMSHE-RA Posts: 2,588
3/21/14 6:20 P

My first thought when I heard about this on the news was that the woman must of been wearing some teeny tiny shorts showing butt cheek and a barely there bra, but when I saw the picture I realized that wasn't the case. She was pretty covered up and not inappropriate at all. Personally, when I go to the gym, I'm wearing a t-shirt and yoga pants or running shorts in the warmer months. I'm pretty conservative, but I would not be offended or intimidated by that woman in the news story. Yes, she looks good, but she would not offend me. Maybe guys would find her more distracting! But if they drop a dumbbell on their heads when they watch her that's not her fault! emoticon emoticon

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3/21/14 5:38 P

never, I wish, but no

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,758
3/21/14 3:28 P

This incident has nothing - and I do mean NOTHING - to do with being too fit!

When she joined that gym, she agreed to their dress code.
She CHOSE to blatantly violate that code, and was asked to cover up.

Sounds about right to me....

SUNSHINE99999 Posts: 19,820
3/21/14 2:53 P

wow. not me!

LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
3/21/14 2:48 P

She violated their dress code and was asked to cover up.

You don't need to wear next to nothing to work out. People who do that in public do it to show off and yes, a lot of people find it irritating and it makes some people uncomfortable for a variety of reasons. Planet Fitness has set policies to stop this sort of behavior (the showing off) so that their gyms are a more comfortable place for everyone else (the people who come to work out, not show off).

If she wants to exercise in what's basically little more than underwear and/or if she wants to exercise lacking normal underwear (e.g. a bra), then she should either join a gym that doesn't mind or do it in the privacy of her own home. Having said that, I will admit that I exercise in the privacy of my own home (on my elliptical, stair master, etc.) wearing stuff that I would never consider wearing to a gym (e.g. I will exercise at home in a sports bra without a shirt, but I'd never do this in public). I used to skinny dip in my home pool (when I had one), but I'd never consider doing that in public. In the evenings, I sit on my own couch, at home (just me and the hubby), and watch TV in my pajamas or, sometimes, even in a short nightgown. I'd NEVER go out to a movie and think to wear something like that! Can you even imagine people wearing slinky, short nightgowns to go out to a movie?! There's a difference between what's okay to do in the privacy of your own home and what's okay out in public.

By the way, she's (once again) wearing no bra under that blue dress she wears for part of the interview (in the video linked to below). The dress is thin and you can tell. That's icky, IMO, no matter the size of the woman in question. Wonder if she's wearing a slip or if you can see right through the dress when the sun's at the right angle (I'll bet she's not and I'll bet you can)? Also...someone who thinks the solution to being asked to follow a dress code and cover up more is to call the media? Call the media and model the tiny top (with no bra) and the very low cut pants and then wear (for the rest of the interview) another outfit (the blue dress) with spaghetti straps and no bra (under that sort of material)? This screams attention-seeking to me. It's also the sort of attention-seeking behavior that I think Planet Fitness wants to not have in their gyms.

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BHENDRICK2 Posts: 1,212
3/21/14 2:31 P

i don't go to a gym yet but wow thats funny

UMBILICAL Posts: 12,786
3/21/14 2:26 P


3/21/14 1:32 P

No deadlifts, no grunting/loud noises and no little tops! I'm out!

My gym doesn't have all these rules (my house, lol). Spend your money on equipment instead of a gym membership and then you can do it your way, no rules.

MNCYCLIST Posts: 6,989
3/21/14 12:28 P

Much ado about nothing. Find another gym.

LADYREDCOMET SparkPoints: (110,701)
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3/21/14 12:19 P

She violated the dress code, end of story. At least at the Planet Fitness I go to, the attire rules are prominently posted. And though I have a couple of thin-strapped tank tops I work out in at home, I don't wear them to the gym because there's a big old sign right by the locker rooms saying they're not allowed (and it's not that much of a stretch to figure out that bare midriffs are also a no-no). Makes me wonder if she was just ignoring the signs or if maybe the rules weren't made so obvious at her Planet Fitness.

MANDIETERRIER1 Posts: 17,577
3/21/14 12:02 P

A gym has a right to set a standard of dress.

And if she wasn't wearing a bra and the sports bra had no lining to speak of. Well all I can say is "ouch" It is neither cute nor comfortable to flop around in a slinky sports bra.

MISSRUTH Posts: 4,309
3/21/14 9:22 A

idk..... a woman in a tiny, spaghetti-strapped tank top with no bra underneath.... on a treadmill-- and she looks fit enough, that I'm willing to bet a nickel she'd not be walking on that thing at 2 mph. Probably jogging. Oh yeah, I can see where a gym might have a problem with that. And I'm sure the employees, whatever they said, were just trying to think of something to say that did not include the words "your boobs are flapping all over the place".

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3/21/14 9:07 A

When I posted the story originally, I had no idea what Planet Fitness actually was: the gym where they don't actually expect people to show up.

Planet Fitness' business model (apparently) is to go after the segment of the market that is least likely to work out on a regular basis and by doing so, making the gym uncomfortable for people who actually like going. Deadlifts are prohibited for goodness sake! This is actually a pretty smart business strategy because generally only about 30% of a given gym's membership will go to the gym on a regular basis. But with Planet Fitness, their chosen target clientele is even less likely to go to the gym on a regular basis so their costs for staffing, maintenance, and utilities are theoretically much lower so they can charge less for membership but still have reasonable operating margins. Plus a $10/month, what percentage of their membership signed up for a recurring charge and then forgot about it after 6 months and never cancelled the charge?

I kind of wish I had thought of this marketing strategy now, its practically a license to print money!

SUZIEQUE77 SparkPoints: (9,271)
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3/21/14 1:50 A

I have not looked at the article nor seen her picture. However, I support a business's right to set their own policies about attire, etc. whether it is a gym or anything else. I get tired of these people being portrayed as such pathetic victims. Wah! She should receive millions because she was humiliated at a gym (sarcasm). If she looks good, well then that in itself is wonderful. I'm sure she can find a gym that does not mind her dressing to show it off (and I don't blame her for wanting to).

Even if I don't agree with what the gym did, I don't see these things as all that life altering. She got her money back, and had her say. Now she needs to move on and people need to stop feeling sorry for her.

ANARIE Posts: 13,205
3/20/14 9:44 P

This was in New Jersey, I think. At the entrance to the gym she was probably wearing a parka!

I've actually seen a (bad) picture of the outfit. It was a spaghetti-strap tank that came just below the bustline and didn't appear to have cups or a lining. One of the gyms I've belonged to wouldn't have cared, but two others would have asked her to cover up, too. The word "intimidating" sounds weird, but not once you hear about the "gym-timidation" marketing thingy. She would have known that when she signed up; you sign a contract and I'm sure that's prominently mentioned.

As for the fact that two employees said something... If different people went to each of those employees, the second one wouldn't have known that the first one was already off getting a T-shirt.

I don't know where exactly the line is between being judgmental or just having a dress code and enforcing it, but it doesn't sound like it was crossed here. It would be different if there were 20 other women there in spaghetti straps and bare tummies, and they *only* confronted her, but that's not what happened. They explained the policy using the words that the company uses in its advertising and member communications, and offered to help her comply. It doesn't sound to me like anything unfair happened.

EMPRESSAMQ Posts: 5,077
3/20/14 9:26 P

I think the gym has a right to set policy as to attire and behavior and since she apparently got her money back, it seems a non issue to me.

FLORADITA SparkPoints: (64,375)
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3/20/14 9:11 P

I have used a few private fitness gyms but I never found one with an atmosphere that felt comfortable for me. I now use my local community centre and what a difference, low key, easy going and the well trained staff are so helpful with out feeling condescending or intimidating. All ages, all shapes and all ranges of fitness and everyone welcome, I love it!

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (597,954)
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3/20/14 9:08 P

That is crazy!!!!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/20/14 6:07 P

Well, reading up on Planet Fitness has at least entertained and amused me today.

"Looking too toned" is but one of several things a member can do to run afoul of gym policy. Apparently, right there in every Planet Fitness Gym, they have a "Lunk Alarm" - a big flashing blue-light thing complete with siren - that they will activate when a member performs any lunkhead behaviour such as... oh, making a grunting sound when you clean-and-jerk a heavy barbell, or letting your weights make too much clattering noise when you put them down.

Yeahhhhhhhh honestly, that would have tipped me off RIGHT THERE that it might not be the kind of atmosphere that *I* would be happy exercising in. I can't imagine why she joined in the first place - other than apparently it's cheap as dirt.

Some funny reading:

SARALD5 Posts: 342
3/20/14 4:48 P


I totally agree and there is either some hatred or jealousy. They would have stopped her at the entrance to inform her of the seriousness of their policy if they were that serious of their rules.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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3/20/14 4:28 P

Why does she need looser athletic wear? If that's what she's comfortable in, what does it matter?

The first employee told her that spaghetti straps were not allowed so the woman agreed to wear the tee shirt. It's an unusual policy for a gym and given that this was her first visit, its understandable that there was some confusion. Then while the woman was waiting for the teeshirt to be provided *another* employee told her to cover up as well. To me, that's the ridiculous part.

As I said earlier "Judgement Free" should apply to everyone one in the gym regardless of weight or fitness level.

SUMMER170 Posts: 42
3/20/14 4:21 P

This is the Main reason I stopped using a gym, nearly everyone there is thin and fit while I am out of shape and well as overhearing comments and critized behind my back about the way I look-guess. I never met their "standards". I joined to Do Something about my weight and getting back in shape, not to be made fun of by other members and trainers. As for the lady, could be she needs a good support bra, and recommended athletic wear as to the gym rules. She should look for another gym. A gym is for both, the fit to stay that way and the overweight wanting to lose and firm.

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SARALD5 Posts: 342
3/20/14 4:12 P


I can't help but wonder why they did not confront her when she arrived at the gym versus humiliating her if they are that strict on their policy.

SARALD5 Posts: 342
3/20/14 4:11 P

I think she looks great and that is absolutely ridiculous!!! She seems well-mannered, educated, and a nice person... I know people who go to the gym in tiny shorts and tank top....I don't, lol, but I do think this was most likely started by jealous people and they got her out of there. Ridiculous!

BUNNYKICKS Posts: 2,433
3/20/14 4:04 P

Hmm after looking at a few versions of this news item, it seems that Planet Fitness has something they call a "no gymtimidation policy." That is, "A spokesman for Planet Fitness said that the gym strives "to make everyone feel comfortable." In its advertisements and on its website, the company says members can work out in an environment free of "gymtimidation" and without being "subjected to the hardcore look-at-me-attitude that exists in too many gyms." And she was asked to put on a shirt to cover up her midriff-exposing tiny-workout-gear that goes against this policy. It's not that she was "too toned" (heck, she's fit for sure but she's not THAT superhumanly toned!), it's that she was too.... "flaunty."

Planet Fitness, like any business, has its target market, its niche. If her attire and/or attitude was offensive to their core market... well then. So be it. Now, I'd be pissed off if the story ended with "and then they wouldn't give her her money back" - but it seems they did. She tried the gym, it was not a good fit for her, she got her money back. Really outta be the end of.

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,506
3/20/14 3:59 P

your link doesn't work

Don't know what she looked like...but if other patrons complained to the gym, and she noticed people staring at her, then perhaps the gym wasn't wrong in asking her to put on a shirt. I think people have the right to ask for appropriate attire.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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3/20/14 3:38 P

And why should that be her problem? (Sorry, this one has put me on a bit of a soap box)

SHERYLDS Posts: 17,506
3/20/14 3:31 P

It sounds like a nice way of saying that the woman wasn't wearing a bra under her workout clothes and became a distraction for the other members.

LEC358 SparkPoints: (11,135)
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3/20/14 3:15 P

So this apparently happened:

A woman's FIRST day back at the gym since a car accident and she gets told that she is "too intimidating" for other members while minding her own business on the treadmill.

I think the gym was being absolutely ridiculous. "Judgement free" means you don't judge on EITHER side of the fitness spectrum. I hope this woman brings a complaint against the gym and gets a butt load of money.

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