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1/24/12 2:05 P

I'd suggest your friend go to a "Y" or to a Community Center where they offer exercise classes rather than sign up for one of the "Name brand" gyms where they have serious bodybuilder people going. In my community, the Junior College has exercise classes that are low priced as does the High School "continuing education" program. these are ALL good for obese people who want to find others in a class where they won't stand out. The Salvation Army has a pool here where they offer water aerobics for adults. Check class on-line.

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1/23/12 10:28 P

Today a friend was talking about how she felt too fat to go to an exercise class. I wasn't quite sure how to respond because I know that a lot of folks have deep issues with body shame and self-confidence. I'm not going to minimize those experiences, but the only way to get through it is to do it! Gyms and fitness classes are full of folks who don't have supermodel bodies. People don't just show up at the gym or class already fit and/or thin. They start just as chubby and flabby as the rest of us and stick with it until they're fit. They probably weren't gifted with the mythical magazine perfect body. They were gifted with a normal body like all of us. They are the ones that got through the fat shame and kept with the workouts until they got that hot body and fit feeling.

I've been on sparkpeople for two years and I'm just now making serious progress with my exercise habit. I followed the teams, did various healthy habit streaks and challenges, tracked food on and off, and didn't lose a pound until one day something clicked and I started the 5K My Way program. I was inspired to start that challenge because a friend of mine who is significantly heavier ran a marathon. He lost quite a bit of weight but he's still a lot heavier than me. If he could do it surely I could do it without feeling shame about my body or fitness level. We all have to start somewhere at some point in time. Go out to those fitness classes and gyms! See how many other chubby folks are working out and get inspired knowing that you have nothing to be ashamed of!

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