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DRAGONCHILDE SparkPoints: (61,458)
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1/6/13 11:10 A

Check out the fitness section here on Sparkpeople. you'll find TONS of workout videos, anything you can imagine to tickle your fancy. Best of all, it's free!>

SPAQUEEN2012 SparkPoints: (11,647)
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1/6/13 11:09 A

I used to just do steps. Since I lived in a single story house, I just stepped up and down from a step into my den. Step up with the right foot, then up with the left foot and down with the right foot and down with the left foot. I count - - sounds strange but it keeps me focused. I count each time I step up with my right foot and then back down with the right foot. I will count to 500 and then do the same starting with the left foot to 500. Then I do the same with each foot to 250 and then again to 125. It makes me think it is getting easier when the count becomes less. Does this make sense? Now I am doing weights and resistance tubes but it also isn't cold enough for me to quit walking. I also have a beginners yoga DVD. Have you tried the SP Videos? There are some that are short and others that are longer. I have enjoyed them.

DUCKIJO SparkPoints: (9,900)
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1/6/13 11:07 A

you can check your local park district to see if they have an indoor walking track.

ELANPOTTER SparkPoints: (786)
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1/6/13 11:03 A

Jumping rope is always an indoor cardio option. It's not terribly exciting, but you could do it while watching television or listening to your favorite CD. There are also weighted jump ropes to add more of a challenge.

FLITTERBY1015 Posts: 10
1/6/13 10:58 A

So it's been below 20 degrees F for a week here in Utah, and it looks like it will be the same through most of next week. The air is 'gunky', we are trapped in an inversion and the air quality is terrible and that's putting in mildly. Going out to walk or run just isn't an option. I don't have the money to join a gym, but I get distracted when I try to exercise on my own, even with a dvd. Anyone have any good suggestion for what to do? Any good dvd's you like?

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