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3/7/13 3:55 P

I have trouble believing you've tried every single vegetable and don't like one. More likely you were raised by someone who either didn't fix vegetables or who overcooked them badly and made you eat the result. And it's true, overcooked vegetables can be BAD. I love veggies, and I can barely eat overcooked spinach or asparagus. Learn how to cook them and give them a try.
Also, focus on fruits: it seems like with a few exceptions you like most fruits, so eat 'em a lot!

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3/5/13 8:03 P

i am super picky too. don't use your pickiness as an excuse not to get healthy. there are certain foods like beans and mushrooms that make me gag. i also don't eat cauliflower, pretzels, whole wheat bread, whole wheat pasta, dark chicken meat, melon, cooked cabbage, salmon, blue cheese to name just a few.

keep trying veggies different ways. you don't have to eat them raw-with no seasonings or anything. try marinating cucumbers. my daughter will not eat carrot sticks unless she drowns them in ranch, but she is ok if i put a little bit of shredded carrots on her salad. try making kale chips. my daughter (who insists he is allergic to vegetables) will eat them now. the first time she didn't like them, but the next time she tried them, she said they weren't that bad. maybe try roasting some veggies with a little bit of olive oil? do you like fruits like melons, plums or apples? what about making a soup with veggies but pureeing it? do you like pumpkin? Sometimes i buy it in a can (not pie filling) to add to oatmeal or mix it with some cool whip and cinnamon to make a light treat. what about coleslaw? i use very little mayo when i make it-i probably only use 1 tablespoon for a cup of slaw.

search for ways that parents hide veggies for picky kids and maybe use some of those tricks.

JAMIRBLAZE Posts: 1,807
3/3/13 10:50 A

Get over it. Sounds harsh, but pickiness is mostly mental, and taste is developed mostly by things that we are used to. Few people like coffee or beer the first time that they try it, but plenty develop a taste for it. I eat tons of things now that I never would have before. Challenge yourself to try one new fruit or veggie per week. Try them prepared different ways - steamed, sautéed, roasted. Some things you may never grow to like, but I'll bet you'll find some things that you can stomach/come to like. Don't be afraid to use seasonings to make things more palatable.

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3/3/13 10:05 A

What kind of help are you looking for? Are you looking for recipes?

Try You enter ingredients and see recipes with only those ingredients.

I would think about the foods you don't like and see if there is something common to them. Do the foods make you feel ill or you don't like the way they taste, feel or smell? Has your diet always been so limited or did something cause it?
What do you like about the foods you do like? What do they have in common? Are there any spices and herbs that you do enjoy?

If you want to change your diet, you will most likely have to try new things or try new methods of preparing foods.
Choose the healthiest foods from those you will eat I guess. Limit or eliminate convenience foods and cook from scratch.
Use leaner ground beef and/or drain the fat. Choose the highest fiber and lowest sugar cereal. Have you tried oatmeal instead of more processed cereals?
It is probably good to start making the effort to switching to whole grain pasta/bread for a month or two to get used to it.
I would challenge yourself to try at least 1 new food or cooking method each week. There are a lot of foods that you don't mention on either list so you've either never tried them or forgot to list them.

EOWYN2424 Posts: 9,108
3/3/13 6:39 A

Maybe you can try eating foods that you normally won't eat. Try opening your mind and palatte. Who knows? You might end up liking those foods later.

I have a cousin who won't even try veggies and now he suffers from constipation everyday. It's his loss! If he would only try veggies, but he refuses!

2/27/13 11:35 P CAN'T eat those foods?

...Or you choose NOT to eat those foods?

If I could choose what I ate all day, I would eat cupcakes, and wash them down with lattes made with half and half (and topped off with whipped cream). The problem is, my desires, my pickiness, cause me to eat foods that are not in my best interest to eat.

You can continue to eat the foods you currently eat, or you can try new things, learn to eat things because they are good for you (not because you think they are super yummy), and maybe find a new way of living.

(And that is advice from a former picky eater.)


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2/21/13 1:21 P

I used to have a list of food I do not eat that would rival yours for sure. Over time, I started to eat different foods. I always hated green beans, but after trying fresh ones steamed and then topped with butter and parmesan, I like them now. I also used to hate onions. I started out cooking them until they were practically invisible and adding them to hash browns or soups etc. And now I can tolerate them less cooked. I also used to hate tomatoes (and marinara sauce, ketchup etc). I now like tomatoes if they are in sauce or cooked, like in soup. My point it that you need to step outside of your comfort zone. You list certain foods and prep methods that are approved by you. Try other ones. puree vegetables into other foods until you get a taste for them. Try fresh/canned/frozen veggies. Try different recipes. Throw it in a casserole. Mince them into soup. 6 years ago, I had a list of food that I would not eat, but after trying so many of them and trying them prepared in different ways, I've acquired a taste for things that were waaay outside of my comfort zone.

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2/20/13 2:34 P

I am at a loss because of all the items you don't eat. But I wish you well.

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2/20/13 12:13 P

Hi all, I am on my weight loss journey to a better, smaller me and I am trying to do right by eating healthier or low fat meals. The problem is that I am an EXTREMELY picky eater, always have been thus this is a great hindrence to my success. These are the things that I do NOT eat: cheese, pizza, french fries, syrup, seafood, no vegetables or any kind, pancakes, waffles, pop tarts, fried baked broiled or broiled chicken,chinese food,mashed potatoes, potato salad bar b que,roast,gumbo, jambalaya nor etoufee although I am from Louisiana, dressing,turkeylasagne,crawfish, brown rice,salads, strawberries, kiwi, blueberries,grapefruit, and no mexican food. emoticon
I do eat ham, white rice, spaghetti, macaroni, ground beef, pork chops,eggs(scrambled only or just the whites if boiled), dirty rice,meatloaf, chicken breasts prepared a certain way of which I have a recipe for, Kelloggs cereal.
I know and realize that I am very limited in my options, can someone help me please?! emoticon

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