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1/2/14 10:33 P

Thanks for your input! I am 5'10 and I can stride my legs out to the maximum point that the machine goes because my legs are so long. I guess it just feels like walking to me but I just bought a cross cycle from walmart yesterday so im hoping that will get me a better workout.

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1/1/14 5:11 P

You must already be in really good shape If your heart rate isn't going up at all, and your legs don't get sore! Also, I'm kinda short, so maybe if you have long legs it doesn't allow your legs to really stretch out enough for a good workout.

When I've used mine in the past, my calves get sore for a few days, and I definitely feel "stretched" out after using. Right now its tucked away, but I used to use it all the time--especially at night before bed...some intensity, then ease off and relax with it. Love it enough I don't want it to go away, even if right now there isn't room to use it consistently. (Extra extended family living here, and I'm recovering from foot surgery as well...)

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1/1/14 11:27 A

I have this machine and I use it often as it has been snowing out lately. When I use it after a long period of time I don't get sore. It also doesn't raise my heart rate at all. I'm not sure if im getting a good workout from it but its my only option right now unless I want to freeze my butt off which I won't mind once I get all my insulated running gear in the mail next week but until then does anyone have any opinions on this machine, especially anyone who has used it before?

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