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10/4/13 8:42 A

I second using the heaviest weight you can while maintaining good form for fewer reps. I too used to run very heavily and I didn't have an ST program in place while doing so. But if you're lifting heavy it will help your running as well, and you should at least see some kind of difference between now and the wedding

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You can start by taking a look at the strength exercises listed on SP. A good, basic ST program could consist of:
-pushups (modified as needed)
-pullups (again modified as needed)

You should challenge yourself such that you feel fatigued after 2-3 sets of 8-15 reps.

SP has videos demonstrating all of these moves. Once you master the movements, you can add difficulty either using the weights you have, using resistance bands, or body weight modifications ('Body by You' by Mark Lauren is my favorite resource). Good luck!

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I'm not looking for a miracle in 2 months...My body has changed so much already by just losing the 25 pounds but I am hoping I can lose some more weight in the next 2 months. I have not done any strength just running since I started in July. I feel like if I added some strength I could lose some inches and look more tone.

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What is your goal, exactly? "Tone up" doesn't really mean much as far as fitness goes. You can strength train, and lift heavy, to start building strength and improving muscle tone, but two months is not a lot of time. You won't be able to spot reduce anything, either. So what are your goals, and we can help you move along the path to achieving them? What results do you want? Keep in mind that you may have an unreasonable time frame to achieve them, but we can at least work on getting you moving in the right direction.

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I have recently lost 25 pounds! All by running and counting calories. I am in a wedding on December 7th and really want to tone up. What is the best exercise to see results in this short time fram? I am hoping to find a dvd that I can follow. I do not have time to go to the gym but I do have weights at my house. I really need something that I can follow instead of trying to figure out the exercises on my own.


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