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1/18/13 9:47 P

Yah, I ran 10-13 miles six days a week on top of regular sports training. I have been pushing my limits lately for an athletic scholarship which this might ruin but if all goes well I will be able to run again, but it will have to start off with short distances. But I like the idea of swimming, while running is my true passion, swimming offers a lot and I don't have to focus for biking(I need my whole body moving plus I don't own a bike). Thank you for all the advice and I will listen to my doctor it's just going to be hard not to grab the my addias and hit the treadmill :/

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1/18/13 9:34 P

When I was told not to run, I had to decide what I wanted my long range lifestyle to look like--handicapped OR able to walk, move, bike, swim, etc. If you disregard medical advice now, at some point it WILL come back to "bite" you.

Your decision. Good luck!

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1/18/13 9:26 P

Strength burns calories, yes-- everything you do burns calories. However, it's not going to burn as much as cardio.

But if you're not already doing it, you need to start anyway. Strength will build muscle, and boost your metabolism. Its calorie-burning effects are more indirect, but long-term more pronounced. you don't lift weights to burn calories, you burn them to build muscle, become stronger, and burn more calories at rest. :) (And during regular exercise.)

How often were you running? Every day? It's possible that after your injury heals, you may be able to run again, but probably won't be able to run as much. Taking care of your body is important, and while it IS important to be active, there is such a thing as too much exercise.

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1/18/13 7:30 P

Elliptical is pretty low impact, but I'd call the doc and ask before doing it. Strength doesn't burn calories while doing it, but it has great benefits, even after the workout is done.

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1/18/13 7:27 P

I haven't been able to get anything from my doctor except "no running or jumping" and "don't do anything stupid". Does strength burn calories as well? Can just focusing on that keep me from getting back to where I started? I believe he was concerned with the impact, yes. But I will try swimming :) thank you

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1/18/13 7:09 P

Speaking as someone who broke her hip when she was 28 and went a few months until it was diagnosed (it was a break of an 80 year old so was missed). I was very active also. Motivated gave you very good advise SPEAK TO YOUR DOCTOR. This is a medical issue not something to be taken lightly. Wished I had listened more. I went several years without any big issue but am paying for some of my foolishness now. I am still very active but know I am on the road to hip replacement. Just not old enough for it yet

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1/18/13 6:50 P

You should definitely speak to your doctor about what you can and can't do, rather than relying on those of us on these boards.

But if it is the impact that is the problem right at the moment, I would have thought that the cycling and swimming components of triathlons are what you can be working on?

Definitely stick away from the higher impact stuff until you recover - better to take it easy for a couple of weeks, rather than risking getting an injury that will take you out of the game for months.

When you do go back to running, you may want to think of a training program that involves a lot of cross-training to keep your fitness up, while only running 3 times per week.


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1/18/13 6:37 P

So, I'm an extremely active runner, my family and friends joke that I'm addicted,but I got told yesterday I need to stop. I have a stress reaction and my hip that puts me at a very high risk for fracture. I have been running since I've received the injury and only found out yesterday that it was a stress reaction. I went to the gym and did strength today for an hour and just stared longingly at my fellow runners. What can I do to get my cardio when running and jumping is not allowed until I'm cleared( range to be cleared goes from a week to 2 months). My life is pretty much athletic based--boxing, running, triathlons, mma training, I can't be out of the game...advice?

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