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12/18/12 11:55 A

Nuts of all kinds are a good food to go overboard with if we have to. I am a total lover of natural peanut butter and have some everyday. Actually, I could consume the entire jar if I didn't watch myself.

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12/18/12 11:12 A

I am the same way w/ cashews. They are one of the few nuts I actually like to eat, but I can't keep them in the house. I will only buy them in those little single serving packages at the gas station. They do have a lot of great nutritional value, but that doesn't do you much good if they're causing you to go over your ranges all the time.

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12/18/12 7:53 A

Dont fret...cashews contain fiber and good fats & are also used as an aid to control appetite...eating just a few nuts can give you a feeling of fullness and discourage overeating besides that Cashews control harmful bacteria in the mouth and helps lower bad (LDL) cholesterol levels and increases good (HDL) levels....

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12/18/12 7:28 A

when you go over on something, you can't just blame what sent you over, you have to blame the whole combination that led you up to that point.
and if you're having trouble after five, have you considered that you might be over-restricting during the day, which in turn primes you to overeat later? you know, because you're really hungry. beyond that, making sure you have a snack with you for after work or the ride home can help those kinds of munchies. it gets you before you're starving, so it's a little easier to make better choices and wait for you dinner instead of shoveling everything nearby into your mouth.
and keep a small notepad with you that you can jot down amounts and what you eat to make it easier to get it all into your tracker.

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12/18/12 7:19 A

CASHEWS even a small amount is like so high in fat, but they are so good. I bought em, yes, I know they are high in fat. But they actually gave me energy for hours. Yet, I went over my tracker. Somewhere after 5 pm, Mrs. Hyde seems to show her ugly face... GOSH, I am working hard by adding everything to my tracker. I forget the day before.. MINDLESS eating does that, but even I ate on purpose and forgot stuff

Whats your story?

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