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10/6/11 8:24 A

Thank you so much, LOVELYFLEUR86 & SMILEYBEE!! Whenever I feel like I'm losing my motivation, I'm going to come back here and read both your posts! How inspiring!!
Yesterday was a good day...No soda, nothing fried, did my walk on the treadmill...I'm gonna make today great too!! emoticon

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10/5/11 10:59 A

Remember that you just reached a milestone on your journey ...not the end. You know you don't want to have to re-do all that your accomplished thus far. This is a lifestyle change and maintaining the change is where to focus now. You are so smart to recognize what's happening before it gets further down the trail. You can do this! Keep at it!

10/5/11 10:28 A

What helps me stay motivated is remembering that I deserve a healthy lifestyle, nutritious food, and fun exercise. I deserve to treat my body with respect, love, and kindness. And so do all of you. You're not here just to lose weight, you're here to develop a healthier lifestyle that will lead to a longer life aka more time to spend with family and friends, to develop more hobbies, etc. I also remember that I am setting an example to my siblings and other family members that a healthy lifestyle isn't torture but a way of life that benefits you physically and emotionally. You deserve to be healthy, happy, and full of life!

10/5/11 9:48 A

I have recently lost my motivation for losing weight and staying healthy. emoticon I had a goal weight and wanted to get off Cholesterol Meds. Long story short, I lost 35 lbs and got off the medicine emoticon , but once I did that, I didn't set another goal. I maintained my weight, but I started slacking off in my diet and exercise. A coke here, french fries there, etc. emoticon Needless to say, I have gained 4 lbs and would like to nip this in the bud before it gets worse! I would still like to lose more lbs!! emoticon

Any tips or words of encouragement for getting back on the horse? emoticon

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